2. What Are The Odds That The Top Six Managers Will Still Be At The Same Club By The End Of Next Season? – Part Two

Posted: July 19, 2017 in Arsenal, Chelsea, European Football, Football, Liverpool, Manchester City, Manchester United, Opinion, Premier League, Tottenham Hotspur
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Continuing to answer our question from yesterday when, in part one, we focused on Antonio Conte, Mauricio Pochettino and Pep Guardiola, today in part two we look at the remaining three of the top six managers and assess the likelihood of them staying with their current clubs.

Jürgen Klopp – Liverpool

Seems to be as loyal as they come nowadays and only left Borussia Dortmund because he couldn’t really take them any further and had ambitions to manage in the Premier League.

He looks the type who could be temperamental when things don’t go his way and this may very well be put to the test as Liverpool, at present anyway, don’t appear to be bringing in players to improve their squad.

Mo Salah looks better than he did when at Chelsea but will he be able to take Liverpool to this “next level” that people keep wittering on about? It is doubtful that he can do it alone so more signings are needed.

Klopp isn’t one who will walk away from a job just because he disagrees with something but the Liverpool board will only afford him so much grace before he has to start producing.

On the positive side, Klopp certainly has credit in the bank thanks to taking the team to two cup finals in his short reign at Anfield. How much time that credit will buy him is anybody’s guess.

Odds on him leaving Liverpool before the end of next season – 50/1

Arsene Wenger – Arsenal

He should be the safest of the six! HE decides how long he is staying at the club irrespective of how bad results are or how much his popularity with the fans has declined.

In awarding himself a new two-year contract he has put himself right in the firing line as far as the supporters are concerned. Many were fed up with him and would have much preferred that he left, making way for a younger, more vibrant manager such as Diego Simeone or, whisper it quietly, Eddie Howe.

Winning the FA Cup again next year will not be enough for the fans. With no Champion’s League football for the first time in around twenty years a title challenge is a must. No excuses, Wenger has to throw everything at it next season, with or without Alexis Sanchez.

The problem for the long-suffering Gooners is that, even if he wins nothing at all, he will still be the manager the following season. Talk about Groundhog Day!

Odds on him leaving Arsenal before the end of next season – 1,000,000/1

José Mourinho – Manchester United

Another one with plenty of credit in the bank having won, to quote the Special One himself, “2.5 trophies” last season.

He shares the same ambition, if not for the same reasons, as Guardiola at City in that he would like to be in situ at Old Trafford for the long term and the best way to secure that is by winning trophies. Not too bad a start then!

As most people are aware, Mourinho has yet to stay beyond three years at any club and critics tend to think that this is why he buys older players in the hope of ensuring short-term success before he moves on to another club. At least now, if he is to be believed, he can concentrate on some of the younger players.

He is also having a decent transfer window and that in itself brings added pressure because, as with all managers, each new signing removes another brick from the wall of excuses available.

This won’t worry Mourinho too much as he is a serial winner and rarely has a trophy-less season, so he will be expecting a lot from bis time at Old Trafford.

Odds on him leaving United before the end of next season – 100/1

That’s it then. The top six are all pretty safe but the safest is the one who probably has the least chance of winning anything! That’s football for you!




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