United Are Ready For Everton, City Are Ready For Anybody

Posted: September 16, 2017 in Chelsea, European Football, Everton, Football, Manchester City, Manchester United, Opinion, Premier League
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Well folks, it’s the weekend again. It seems like a mere seven days since the last one and that only lasted two days! Maybe Monday-Friday should be the weekend and the other two days could be the rest of the week. That would play havoc with the football schedules!

Anyway, Manchester United face Everton on Sunday thanks to the latter’s involvement in Big Vase. This Sunday lark should be a very temporary arrangement for the Toffees as, judging by the way they are playing, they will not be proceeding beyond the group stage.

United, in case you missed it, will be without Paul Pogba who is, apparently, one of their star players who cost quite a bit of money, it says here.

Poor little José. Now he has to make one of those big decisions which come around occasionally and for which his bank account is swelled by £millions every year. He has to decide who will replace the big Frenchman in midfield.

He has at his disposal an equally big, if not bigger, Belgian, a small Spanish tiger-type and a tall ageing Englishman. If it were possible to mould these three players together the result would be a player very similar to Paul Pogba. The problem is that only one of them can replace him.

Our educated guess is that it will be either Fellaini or Herrera depending upon the opposition as Carrick doesn’t appear to be figuring in the plans much at present.

It shouldn’t really matter much against Everton who have found the knack of being able to lose 3-0 in successive games, one at home and one away, in two different competitions, just to prove it was no fluke.

Ronald Koeman has spent around £150million in turning the team into relegation candidates and really needs to find a winning formula quite soon as we don’t think Farhad Moshiri will be quite as patient or forgiving as Bill Kenwright.

United, on the other hand, won their last game. Do you know what the score was? Correct, 3-0. No prizes for guessing which scoreline we are predicting for this game.

Those forecasting a reaction from Everton after their midweek defeat are deluded. Their midweek defeat was supposed to be their reaction to their weekend defeat!

So 3-0 it is then!

Meanwhile, over in Holland, Manchester City had a little workout against the Eredivisie leaders Feyenoord. The scoreline of 4-0 did not flatter City as they could, and probably should, have scored more.

Playing, for the second game running, with Sergio Agüero and Gabriel Jésus in tandem upfront, the pair both got themselves on the scoresheet again.

In this formation and in this form City look unstoppable but one thing is pretty much certain. No matter how much success playing this way brings them, Pep will change it at some time. Why? Because he can, but also because he sees different formations being more successful in different games. He doesn’t yet reckon the team is good enough to treat all opposition the same, so City fans should be prepared for a little tweaking occasionally.

His ultimate aim, assumedly, is to raise the level at The Etihad to that of his old Barcelona team to whom his team talks would have included words like “go out and enjoy yourselves.”

This weekend City travel to Watford whose four games this season have included two away wins and two home draws suggesting, rather obviously, that they are a better team away from Vicarage Road. These statistics also suggest that the team prefers to play on the counter-attack which would explain their success away from home.

Against City, however, they may choose to adopt their “away tactics” for this home fixture as City will certainly have more of the ball. This gives them a chance, but only a slight one, and we don’t think they are good enough to take it.

So, our prediction for this one is an away win and the score will be 0-4 just to keep things symmetrical across the page.

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