José Mourinho Has To Cut Out The Jealousy When He Loses

Posted: December 12, 2017 in Arsenal, Chelsea, European Football, Football, Liverpool, Manchester City, Manchester United, Opinion, Premier League
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José Mourinho and some of the United “supporters” need to get over their latest defeat by Manchester City and stop making excuses as to why the game was lost.

Ander Herrera was correctly NOT given a penalty for his dive in the City penalty area.

Even if the penalty had been awarded there is no guarantee that it would have been scored.

Even if it had been scored there is no guarantee that United would have gone on to draw the match, never mind win it!

Antonio Valencia and Ashley Young are both ageing wingers being played out of position. Had it not been for David De Gea over the last few seasons, United’s defence would have been exposed as the shambles it actually is.


Chris “Donkey” Smalling isn’t good enough for this team. He never has been and he never will be.

The midfield possesses no genuine pace. Lingard is reasonably quick but is erratic on the ball and falls over too easily.

Mata, Herrera, Fellaini and Matić are all slow.

The pace of Martial and Rashford is often wasted by their habit of running blindly into opposition players or mis-controlling the ball. They both tend to put their heads down and run without any real idea of what they are trying to achieve.

Lukaku is a big lump with little ball control, not much ability in the air for someone of his size and no right foot of which to speak. Mourinho can prattle on all day about what he contributes when he isn’t scoring but the point is that he was bought to SCORE GOALS, not to contribute in other areas, which anybody else could do. In fact, all he contributed to on Sunday were both of CITY’S goals!


Time should be allocated on the training pitch to practicing passing the ball TO EACH OTHER. Manchester City are proving, in every game they play, that the team with the ball is more likely to score than the team without the ball. Manchester United, even under Sir Alex Ferguson, were, and still are, guilty of giving the ball away very, very cheaply.

The title is on it’s way to Manchester. The problem is that it will go to The Etihad and deservedly so. United now have to forget their latest poor performance and concentrate on the remainder of the season.

They must carry on regardless even if they are now just hoping that City slip up four times!

The worst thing they could now do is to start feeling sorry for themselves and lose a few games. They have to consolidate second place and try and win a cup or two. That would still be seen as a reasonably successful season.

It is now that José Mourinho needs to start earning his vast salary. It is easy to blame everybody else when things are not going well but this is one bad result, that’s all.

It is also easy to suggest that he needs players to compete with City. Well he knew that before the season started and spent a fortune bringing in the players who were supposed to compete with City, is he now saying that they are not good enough?


Pep Guardiola needed players to compete with Chelsea and Spurs after last season’s third placed finish. He had the same opportunities to buy as Mourinho and, believe it or not, he didn’t have more money at his disposal than the United manager.

He just bought more wisely and, bearing in mind that Benjamin Mendy has been out injured for most of the season and Bernardo Silva can’t get into the team, the fact that City are now eleven points clear at the top is testament to his superior coaching/management ability, not just his purchases.

Sir Alex Ferguson had the occasional rant but was always held in the highest of esteem by his peers. Mourinho hasn’t yet achieved that same status and, if he carries on in his current fashion, he never will.

He must stop being so jealous of the opposition manager when he loses a game. It’s happened with Antonio Conte and now it’s Pep Guardiola. Of course they will celebrate a victory over United, it is a big result.

So, if he wants to be regarded as the best manager in the Premier League, he needs to start behaving like the best manager in the Premier League.

Barring a minor miracle it’s time to accept second best, but only for this season and make sure that second best doesn’t become third or fourth best.


  1. You see you guys can write and write. It is improper for City players to celebrate in that manner. Even the fracas in the tunnel should have worse than that if there is any. United players and the fans are too gentle for that matter. If you could remember five or six seasons ago when United won a match at the Etihad what happened? They threw a lot of coins at United players and Rio Ferdinand was hit on top of his eyebrows. Before then, first leg city scored United six to one goal in there favour. Did anyone throw anything at them? No. No investigation was carried out by FA because of their hypocritical attitude city supporters went unpunished. It is right for city to do that. That is showing disrespect to United. No what City can never become like United with our trophy hauls.


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