Well, to start with, if you support a team currently below Tottenham Hotspur then the chances are somewhere between zero and minus ten!

However, your chances improve if you support one of the current top six. Manchester United are currently second and eleven points off the leaders so they, in theory anyway, have the best chance and that would be somewhere between zero and minus five.

So, you see, the higher up the table your team is, the better your chances of winning the title.

Seriously though, can anybody catch City?



A resounding “NO” has to be the answer when Arsenal are the question. Under Stubborn Old Man they have been their usual erratic selves, winning some games with ease, then losing games they should really be winning.

They have now, however, found their level in Europe and are sailing through Big Vase which, unfortunately for the long-suffering Gooners, is a trophy to which Wenger affords a haughty sniff. He doesn’t want to win it because of the dilemma he will face if he does!

So he will have to have a go at winning the FA Cup, (again), and finishing in the top four which, as he found out last season, is not the forgone conclusion it used to be.

Arsenal’s problem is that there is now a lot more competition at the top of the table than when they were regulars and now that Arséne has to compete with more than one or two other clubs, he is finding it a tad more difficult.

So a top four finish is the absolute best that Arsenal fans can expect.



Another team guilty of losing games they should be winning and, on current form, are highly unlikely to make up the fourteen points gap between themselves and City.

Even in Europe they have been somewhat inconsistent and can surely expect to be exiting that competition after their next two games against Barcelona.

It is still not clear whether Antonio Conte is just trying to say the right things at the moment or whether he is actually irritated by the current state of his squad and the club.

A return to Italy will not come as a major surprise to many people if that is the choice he makes at the end of the season.

Chelsea need to try and consolidate third place and aim for second as they will not finish any higher.



The resurgence of Liverpool coincides with Jürgen Klopp tweaking his defence so that they now concede less goals than they used to. The trick was to do it without preventing his free-scoring forwards from hitting the net with less regularity.

He has managed to keep these two particular plates spinning and must now be pretty confident of a top four finish.

The Anfield faithful will, however, hope that he resists further temptations to leave Coutinho and Firmino on the bench in big games as it almost certainly cost them a couple of points against Everton. Their creativity and goal-scoring talent would surely have unlocked the Everton defence on more than one occasion which would have brought a different result.

Top four should be the aim but second or third is not yet out of reach.



José Mourinho and his team need to quickly forget their latest defeat and get back to winning ways.

They are over-achieving this season and that is mainly down to the manager as many of the players are no better than average and would struggle to get into the other five of the top six teams.

Paul Pogba is certainly being missed but the next, and last, two games of his suspension should still see United take six points.

They can’t afford a slip-up with Chelsea only three points behind and need to keep winning to take advantage of any mistake made by Pep Guardiola’s team.

Manchester United won’t win the title this season but they should have enough, because of their manager, to finish second.



Another team who probably won’t have to worry about Champion’s League involvement much into the new year, as Juventus will probably knock them out over two legs.

Mauricio Pochettino can then concentrate all of his efforts on the FA Cup and finishing in the top four. We guess that the fans would take fourth and the Cup right now, if offered.

Heck, the Spurs fans would just like to see a trophy of any description after a few years of being the bridesmaids.

They still have a chance of a top four place but are currently in sixth so they need to continue winning and they certainly need results when they play the three immediately above them.

As it is, Spurs will miss out this year.



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