The Problem With José Mourinho Is………Himself!

Posted: March 15, 2018 in Arsenal, Chelsea, Football, Jose Mourinho, Liverpool, Managers, Manchester City, Manchester United, Opinion, Premier League
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(José Mourinho’s “couldn’t-care-less” attitude is annoying many United supporters and turning them against him)

Where to begin? That is the question.

José Mourinho is, without doubt, arrogant, selfish, ego-centric and has a superiority complex which would have had even the great Brian Clough questioning his own importance in the presence of such a man!

The difference between Mourinho and a manager Like Brian Clough is that Clough was always fairly honest in his interviews with the press. He knew that a lot of fans watched those question and answer sessions and he thought they deserved the truth.

After their pathetic performance against Sevilla, which resulted in yet another exit from the Champion’s League, the Portuguese had the chance to express his remorse.

He needed to tell it like it was. His team selection was wrong. It must have been because they lost. His tactics were wrong. They must have been because they lost. Deciding to try and win the game only after Sevilla had scored the first goal was wrong. It must have been because they lost.

Why, in a must-win match at home, did he start with two holding midfield players?


These two started in midfield in a must-win game for United with Pogba and Mata on the bench! A decision which defied logic.

Did José at least have the decency to say what all the fans had been thinking throughout the game? Did he admit, in his post-match interview, that his team’s performance was a shambles?

This was a team who were beaten by Valencia, at home at the weekend. They had recently lost to Real Madrid and Eibar, yet the only reason the score was level coming into this second leg was because of David De Gea’s excellent save when denying Sevilla what looked to be a certain goal in the first leg.

United were woeful in Seville but got away with it because it was the first leg and they didn’t lose, nor did they concede a goal.

They didn’t get away with being even more woeful in the second leg and it is time for Mourinho to start being honest with the fans.

To say that he was happy with his player’s attitude is, quite frankly, treating the watching world as idiots. To then say he was happy with the way the team played is rubbing salt into the wounds and finally, to say that Sevilla controlled the match when it was at Old Trafford and United needed to win, was bordering on being sacrilegious.

Mourinho’s position at Manchester United is not under threat…….yet! He has won two real trophies already to go with the toy one he picked up, almost apologetically, as a parting gift from Louis van Gaal.

He has reached the quarter finals of the FA Cup and is four points clear in second place in the Premier League.

In truth, it is highly unlikely that United would have gone much further in the Champion’s League had they beaten Sevilla, but that does not alter the fact that losing to the Spaniards was unacceptable and there must be repercussions.


David De Gea – Has been making a very average defence look almost good for years!

Antonio Valencia and Ashley Young need to go. One of Pep Guardiola’s first deeds at the end of his opening season at City was to get rid of his ageing full backs. When you look at where City are now, the logic in doing so is irrefutable. How much longer will Mourinho insist on, not only continually selecting ageing full backs, but continually selecting ageing wingers to play at full back?

How many mistakes does Chris Smalling have to make before he is sold because he is just not good enough?

That defence has been “getting away with it” for years thanks to the winner of the most player of the season awards, David De Gea. Without him or on the rare occasion he has a bad game, their inabilities are shown up by the goals they concede. It’s just as well that De Gea is generally thought to be the best goalkeeper in the world because, with that defence, he needs to be!

So Mourinho not only needs to face a few home truths, he needs to start telling some. Not just to his players behind closed doors either. He needs to explain to the fans exactly what is going on at Old Trafford and what his thinking is behind some of the strange decisions he makes.

If he chooses not to do so then he will continually turn the supporters against him and, eventually, that growing number will become a cacophony too big for the United board to ignore.


  1. RedMe says:

    The team is not improving, on the contrary, they are worse than last season. They don’t play like a team, more like a lot of headless chickens that haven’t got a clue what to do. Very very disappointing. For the money fans have to pay to go to Old Trafford they deserve more respect from the players and the manager. Fellaini doesn’t want to sign a new contract why is he even considered to play over players that are loyal to our colours ?

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Bernard says:

    Any team can be forgiven for losing, even at home. However, what cannot be forgiven is the way United lost against Sevilla and the attitude of the manager to that loss. The fans are being treated with contempt and, as you have stated it is only a matter of time before the tide turns against the team, the manager and eventually the board. The fans have been patient since Ferguson left but nothing seems to be changing at United and patience doesn’t last forever.

    Liked by 1 person

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