Is José Mourinho Past His Best As A Top Manager?

Posted: March 19, 2018 in Arsenal, Chelsea, Football, Jose Mourinho, Liverpool, Managers, Manchester City, Manchester United, Opinion, Premier League
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Second in the Premier League and through to the semi-finals of the FA Cup. Not too shabby and in fact, if it hadn’t been for the way his team were knocked out of the Champion’s League by Sevilla, the cracks would be well and truly papered over.

However, Mourinho chose, in his warped way of doing things, to criticise his team after they had just won rather than when they deserved it following a pathetic performance in Europe.

Placing his favourite signing, Nemanja Matić, on a pedestal of invincibility, he proceeded to label the rest as not having the character or personality to play for Manchester United. He pointed out, as he had when Chelsea lost to Leicester shortly before he was sacked, that the players had failed to follow his instructions.

Without seeming to care that he was ranting about the wrong game, he continued leaving nobody in any doubt that Luke Shaw was replaced at half-time for tactical reasons and that it was HIS decision. The fact that Shaw didn’t appear to do anything wrong and that Ashley Young, his ageing headless chicken replacement did no more than Shaw had done appeared to be irrelevant. Mourinho, in the time-honoured fashion of every bully ever known to man, had picked on the weakest member of the team, personality-wise, knowing that Shaw would not go running to the press and, yet again, had hauled him off early just to remind everybody who was the boss.


José Mourinho points out to Luke Shaw where the exit doors are at Old Trafford!

Shaw would be wise to find the Old Trafford exit door sooner rather than later otherwise Mourinho will totally ruin his career.

One player who is rumoured to already be holding that door open is Paul Pogba who, after a decent start to his return “home”, seems to now be short of confidence as well as form.

Add to his situation the dip in form of Alexis Sánchez, who was always one of Arsenal’s most consistent players and, without too much analysis, there is the making of a mini-crisis at the club.

What happens to these players when they start to play for Mourinho?

In truth, the “Special One” does not have a good track record with great players. Not the usual names, such as De Bruyne or Salah, both of whom were sold before becoming great, but with players who have already achieved that level.

He was always better at building a winning team, such as with Chelsea, than at resuscitating a fallen one. He fell out with the “stars” at Real Madrid. He then returned to Chelsea and fell out with the top players there.

Remember, his greatest successes have been with teams who hadn’t won a trophy for years as was the case with Porto, Chelsea, (the first time) and Inter Milan. Turning them into winners was his greatest achievement and what he excels at. He doesn’t fare quite as well when he takes over at teams who have been used to winning on a regular basis.


Sergio Ramos – One of a number of big name players with whom Mourinho fell out during his time in Madrid

He now appears to think he is bigger than Manchester United and can belittle their history and heritage in press conferences. Read Oliver Holt’s take on proceedings it’s both interesting and informative.

His record has gone completely to his head and he likes to remind everybody how good he is or was as often as possible. As was said recently, he is like an old pop star from years-gone-by still singing his old songs to anybody prepared to listen.

He is now in danger of the game passing him by. Yes, Manchester United are in a decent position in league and cup but they are not challenging in Europe. He is in his second year having spent nearly £300 million on players and the only ones he appears to think are any good are Matić and Lukaku.

He is watching exciting football being played in the Premier League and by English clubs in Europe. The problem is that the clubs playing the exciting football are Manchester City and Liverpool who are, by far, the biggest rivals to Manchester United.

To make matters worse the fans of both those clubs are laughing at him and his rather pathetic attempts to excuse his own team selections and tactics by blaming the players for disobeying him.

There is certainly a place for José Mourinho in the Premier League. He deserves to be there based on his previous achievements and the fact that he is still, undoubtedly, a very good manager. However, the doubts are now growing as to whether or not that place in the Premier League should be with Manchester United.



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