Mourinho In Danger Of Repeating Past Mistakes At Manchester United

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Back in 2013 when “Sir Alex of Govan” retired he placed his ceremonial sword in a hole in a convenient stone. Fed up with the lack of competition in the Premier League and annoyed by the quality of opposition in the Champion’s League, he decided to call it a day.

Now the sword was just waiting to be removed by his rightful heir.

First up was “Moyes the Clueless” another Scot, indeed another Glaswegian and also a favourite of Lord Ferg. But try as he might he could not budge the sword. Despite signing world-class talent such as the coveted Marouane Fellaini and actually reaching the quarter finals of the Champion’s League, he really didn’t have a clue how to manage Manchester United.

He was fired when it became apparent he didn’t even know what a ceremonial sword was!

Next up to try his luck was the shy and retiring “Louis of Orange“. He started tugging away at the blade and it initially looked quite promising. In fact, one person even swore they actually saw the sword move a fraction!

But, as with “Moyes the Clueless” it was another false dawn. Louis departed having collected the FA Cup, very few friends and a tab at Wings restaurant.

Soccer Man United Van Gaal

Louis van Gaal – Did OK but never reached the required heights at United

Enter the saviour! On a towering white charger “Don José of Setubal” rode dramatically into town. Never for one second did he doubt that the sword would succumb to his tender manipulations and he would free it from the stone.

And lo and behold, the sword started to move! José won the Community Shield. Then he won the Carabao Cup. Then he only went and won the Europa League at the first time of asking, a trophy which United had never before seen adorning their cabinet!

His team finished sixth in the Premier League but that didn’t matter. He had qualified for the Champion’s League by winning the Europa League and THAT was what mattered. Anyway, winning the Premier League was old hat and boring, just ask Fergie.

Genuine world class signings such as Zlatan Ibrahimović and Paul Pogba had joined the club and everything in the garden looked rosy. Now was the time to see if he could pull the sword out the rest of the way.

But wait! The sword was back where it started and now it wouldn’t move at all! What had happened? It seemed as though “Don José of Setubal¨had turned into “King Midas in reverse“, (lovers of The Hollies will remember the song well).

Now in his second season which, in the past, has always been his most successful he is in danger of missing out altogether. There is still a chance of winning the FA Cup and a top four finish is hardly in doubt but, as far as success goes, this season has seen United and Mourinho regress.

Alexis Sánchez was brought in during the January transfer window, another world-class player to add to the squad. He now sits and eats alone at Carrington with the explanation being given that he is putting in some extra hours to get back to his desired level.


Zlatan Ibrahimović – Retiring to LA for a bit of sun!

It is also reported that Mourinho and Paul Pogba barely speak to each other and Zlatan Ibrahimović has cleared off to LA.

Everybody is aware of the situation with Luke Shaw yet nobody, Shaw included, appears to understand exactly what is going on.

Mourinho, yet again, in his megalomaniacal desire to show everybody who is boss is in danger of alienating himself from the players. He did it at Real Madrid and he did it in his second spell at Chelsea. He seems to resent the top players and there is certainly an element of jealousy arising out of his never having played the game at their level.

He has sold the likes of Kevin De Bruyne, Romelu Lukaku and Mo Salah. Granted, they weren’t as good as they have now become but could he not see the potential? Or did he see conflict? A challenge to his authority maybe?

If José Mourinho ever wants to pull that sword entirely out of the stone he has to learn how to manage people. That is an aspect of the job far more important than surrounding himself with coaches and working out how to secure a 0-0 draw at home!

If he stays as he is then the sword will also stay as it is.

  1. Stevo H says:

    Mourinho is a megalomaniac, I’ve said it for years. Yes, he’s won titles and trophies but at the expense of upsetting players and people who pay his wages. Oh, And don’t forget that he’s spent a fortune before leaving each club. Would I want him managing Arsenal? Would I f**k!!!!

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