Which Managers Will Be Leaving The Premier League Before The Start Of Next Season? (Part 2)

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Following on from our article yesterday where we began our look at which managers will stay with their clubs for next season, today we continue through the alphabet with the next five.

Crystal Palace

Roy Hodgson

Mr Roy has pulled several rabbits out of the hat this season and has actually had Palace reasonably safe from relegation for quite a while. He is now at an age where he won’t want to be moving around the country too much although, in fairness, he has been at that age for about ten years!

Unless he chooses to retire, which seems very unlikely, he will be in charge next season.


Sam Allardyce


Big Sam doesn’t need Wayne Rooney but do Everton need him?

Big Sam seems to think he will be at Everton next season although Wayne Rooney isn’t too sure and is hedging his bets. He, reportedly, has an agreement in place to sign for DC United in MLS at the end of the season should Sam be given the vote of confidence by the board.

In truth, Rooney should probably go either way because, yet again, he expects to be selected just because of who he is. He spent the last three or so years at United being picked on name only and now he thinks Everton should do the same.

They, like United before them, would now be better off without him.

As for the manager, we don’t expect him to be there for the start of next season because the club’s first choice has always been Marco Silva and they would probably like to get him in as soon as possible.

Big Sam will, therefore, become a victim of his own “success” again having served his purpose.

Huddersfield Town

David Wagner


David Wagner – Will find it even more difficult next season

Another one who flirted with relegation until very unlikely points away at Manchester City and Chelsea confirmed his club’s safety and, for only the third time in it’s history, all three promoted clubs survived to fight a second year in the Premier League.

Wagner could be tempted by a bigger club but the smart money is on him staying where he is for at least another year to prove that staying up wasn’t just a one-season wonder. After that, who knows?

The problems, if he were to leave, would all belong to Hudderfield because he has proven that replacing him wouldn’t be easy.

Leicester City

Claude Puel


Claude Puel’s personality doesn’t seem to suit many clubs but, then again, neither does his style of football!

If he hasn’t already said goodbye to the players then he is about to in the very near future.

A risky appointment given his history of reasonable starts with a new club which, to date, have always ended with the players rebelling against his methods and him being fired.

Initially, people questioned the wisdom of Southampton when they parted company with the Frenchman, but it was not a happy camp despite their 8th place finish. Players were said to be unhappy and, when this happens, it is always cheaper and easier to get rid of one manager than several team members.

He will leave with Leicester finishing in 9th place which, despite having won the title two yeas ago, is about the right position for a club such as them.


Jürgen Klopp


Jürgen Klopp – Has to prioritise the Premier League next season as the Champion’s League is in danger of becoming the Mickey Mouse Cup!

By the time next season starts we could be talking about the European champions when writing about Liverpool. It is unlikely as Klopp has a terrible record in cup finals having lost five out of the six in which his teams have appeared.

Whether or not he wins it, the fans will expect a more concerted challenge for the Premier League title next season as that is what they crave. Liverpool have never won it despite the fact that, including this season, they will have appeared in two Champion’s League finals during the years since it’s inception.

The fans would actually like to win the Champion’s League when they have been the champions of England, a feat they have yet to achieve!

Klopp will certainly stick around next season to try and ensure that he can answer some of their prayers.

So that concludes the second part of our ramblings regarding the whereabouts of certain Premier League managers next season and tomorrow we will look at the next five.

See you then!


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