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It would appear that Manchester City are now the team looking most likely to lift the Premier League title in May. Put another way, anyone finishing above them will almost certainly win it!

The major difference between City and United, if we overlook the fact that one is managed by a serial winner and the other by a relative novice, is in their players.

Manchester City can look excellent even without their best player which is what they will have to do for probably around 4 more weeks whilst Kevin De Bruyne recovers from a hamstring injury. In their recent game at West Bromwich Albion it was difficult to believe that he wasn’t on the pitch as City took a 4-0 lead into the half-time break.



After publishing a recent article extolling the lack of virtues, not to mention ability, contained within the frames of Antonio Valencia and Raheem Sterling, we decided to have a go at picking a team made up of the most overrated Premier League players from the “big six”. See if you agree with our selection or, if not, then let us know who we have missed or who you would pick. So here it is, a potential relegation team: (more…)


Following on from our article yesterday where we began our look at which managers will stay with their clubs for next season, today we continue through the alphabet with the next five.

Crystal Palace

Roy Hodgson

Mr Roy has pulled several rabbits out of the hat this season and has actually had Palace reasonably safe from relegation for quite a while. He is now at an age where he won’t want to be moving around the country too much although, in fairness, he has been at that age for about ten years! (more…)


Everton v Liverpool

Jürgen Klopp has already prepared his excuse in the event of a poor performance in the Merseyside derby on Saturday morning.

Having explained, to a yawning and fed-up public, how his overpaid stars will still be absolutely shattered and worn out having spent a whole ninety minutes playing a game of football, he went on to further inform us that two whole days is not enough time to recover from this unnatural amount of exertion.

Everton will clearly have the advantage because they will have had a complete week in which to prepare for this game and it is at Goodison Park when all said and done. How much more of an advantage could they have? (more…)


After a midweek which saw the fringe players of Arsenal, Chelsea and Manchester’s United and City experiencing largely successful outings against “weaker” opposition, with only United failing abysmally to progress, attention now returns to the Premier League.

Now there can be no ensuring that London teams have a home draw and Manchester teams both have to travel, or that the draw for the semi-final will be constructed in such a way that a London team is guaranteed an appearance in the final.

No, this is the Premier League which stands for all that is good and right with the game. (more…)



Tottenham Hotspur728v  Stoke City721

On the face of it, one of the only two games which seem pretty much nailed on to bring a top six team all three points is the one between Tottenham Hotspur and Stoke City.

Stoke have shown some very erratic form this season although, in the league at least, so have Spurs!

If Tottenham can find any kind of fluency such as they seem to manage in the Champion’s League then they will win this game with ease. If not, then they will still win but with a bit more of a struggle. (more…)


Manchester United usually start to make their mark on the Premier League from January onwards. At least, that was always the case when Sir Alex Ferguson was in charge.

This season they haven’t done too badly when considering that they have only lost two games and one of those, based on form, should have been won.

Had they managed to beat Huddersfield Town, however, they would still be five points behind Manchester City who have reached this stage of the season unbeaten.

So, in order for the “Fergie effect” to actually have any effect, City need to lose at least three games and the derby next week would be a good start! (more…)


Well that was fun! Our educated guesses, (which is what they have become since we retired from the predicting game), weren’t a million miles out. They were a few hundred thousand miles out but hey, who’s measuring?

Having suggested that City would return to their free-scoring ways they free-scored a whole TWO goals and it took them 96 minutes to manage that!

We also thought that Chelsea would take a stroll with Swansea as the almost-innocent bystanders. A 1-0 win for the home team is hardly suggestive of a stroll. (more…)


A good night was had by the Manchester United fan’s favourite boo-boys. Both Ashley Young, (man-of-the-match), and Jesse Lingard scored excellent goals in the 2-4 win at Watford.

Young grabbed himself a brace which included a controlled shot from just outside the area and a perfectly executed free-kick which gave Hilarious Gomes in the Watford goal no chance whatsoever. In fact, so good was it, that when a second opportunity from an almost identical position came along, Young could not resist attempting to do a “Leigh Griffiths” and score again. As is nearly always the case in these instances though, he actually hit it tamely into the wall. (more…)


What do the following have in common;-

Arséne Wenger, David Moyes, Sam Allardyce, Marouane Fellaini and Claudio Bravo?

The answer is that they were all, at one stage or another, unwanted by the supporters of their club and some still are.

There are others too numerous to mention but these five are probably of the highest profile at present.


Arséne Wenger is now at the point where he is tolerated by the fans and this only because he awarded himself a new two year contract recently. Most Arsenal fans would have preferred if he had left or moved upstairs at the end of last season but not Arséne. He is deluded enough to place his own self -importance above the wishes of the majority of the supporters and stay where he is. (more…)