José Mourinho And Pep Guardiola Have Settled In Manchester In Similar Luxury But In Very Different Ways!

Posted: June 5, 2018 in Arsenal, Chelsea, Football, Managers, Manchester City, Manchester United, Opinion, Premier League
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José Mourinho wants, at some stage. to manage Portugal. He is quick, however, to point out that the position is still some way in the future as he has more energy for his club job now than ever before.

Pep Guardiola is still young, or so he assures us. This was pointed out by him when stating that he too would quite like to manage at country level in the future. He doesn’t stipulate which country probably because his country, in his own mind, isn’t yet a country.

Never mind, he would probably still have a few options were he to decide to make the move into the semi-retirement home which is international football management.

So for how many years can we expect to see them both in Manchester? Well, José Mourinho has still shown no signs of settling into the city and still lives in the Lowry hotel with his £400 per night bill paid by Manchester United supporters.

He insists that he wouldn’t have it any other way yet, when at Chelsea, he bought a house in London in which his family still live.

Now it may be that his wife still needs to be in London particularly if his children are tied to the city in some way and, if that is the case and he is living alone, then a five star hotel is a pretty decent way to live, especially when someone else is paying.

With two trophies, (three counting the Community Shield), in his first season and a runners up spot in the Premier League in his second, José needs to win something important next time out to continue the steady progression he has initiated.



Mourinho’s home in Manchester!

He appears to be happy with hotel life and next season he will have to manage it without the regular visits of his friend and assistant manager, Rui Faria, who has left for pastures new.

It is already looking like being a defining season for the Portuguese, one way or the other.

Pep Guardiola, on the other hand, has immersed himself in the local life. He has bought an apartment in the city and also a share in a new Spanish restaurant. His wife and three children live with him so he has no long-distance relationships to contend with.

In fairness, he is at a different stage of his life than Mourinho as he is eight years younger which means that his family is also younger and, consequently, more dependant so it is only natural that they still live with him.

He failed completely in his first season at Manchester City, ending up trophy-less for the first time in years! He did, however, gain valuable insight and experience which helped him win the title in his second season. Obviously he would also have been more settled both in his job and life in general.

The contrasting lifestyles of the two managers is quite interesting when analysing, (or trying to), whether they have any effect on their ability to do their jobs.

With Guardiola, who appears to be completely settled, the answer would have to be; no. He has nothing from outside of the club influencing his job.

For Mourinho the answer would have to be; maybe. Spending all his time in a hotel room, big as it may be, without his family around him must have some effect on his work.


Pep’s pad – Is there really much difference between this and a suite in a 5* hotel?

Staying in a hotel is fine, even attractive, for a week or two or maybe even three or four, but for years? There has to be a negative to this situation and, at some stage it has to raise it’s head exactly where it isn’t needed, which is either in the dressing room or on the training ground. The only hope is that Mourinho isn’t just good at hiding it and that he can actually handle it.

And finally…..

Manuel Pellegrini and his wife were the victims of muggers while on their way out to a restaurant in Santiago, Chile.

The criminals, on realising that they were about to rob the new West Ham United manager, quickly had a whip-round and gave him the equivalent of £80 along with the instruction to put it towards a new striker.

Fortunately Pellegrini and his wife Carla were unhurt in the incident and are looking forward to the start of the new season.

  1. RedMe says:

    He doesn’t exactly live in a hotel room but an apartment according to him. He also said that it is good for him because he can totally concentrate on the job. I don’t believe that Manchester United is paying £400 a night for him. And I fully agree that the situation with wife and family in London is not good or showing any stability .


  2. Nice article. Love the comparison


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