More World Cup Departures + Manchester United Need To Dump Fellaini

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As the group stage nears it’s end some of the old-fashioned tactics have come into play as usual.

France and Denmark played out a stale and boring 0-0 draw as it meant that both teams qualified for the last 16.

Their play was roundly booed for much of the game as FIFA and the spectators were seen to be, as usual, miles apart in what they see as the not-so-subtle difference between getting the job done and entertaining the crowd.

The two teams were allowed to defraud the attendant masses of their money by putting on an insipid display of nothingness at which fans who had travelled thousands of miles to watch were entitled to vent their frustration.

The least that FIFA could do was refund at least half of the money.

At the same time as this match was being played Australia were playing Peru and needed to win the game and hope that Denmark lost against France to have any hope of qualifying for the last 16.

Australia didn’t seem to be aware of this fact and played a lot of the game as though they had already been eliminated.

By the final whistle they had conceded three goals thereby losing the game 3-0 and had been eliminated.

Peru, on the other hand, celebrated with their fans as though they had won the tournament and it is a great pity, in some respects, that they are going home whilst some of the other so-called “super teams” are staying.

Talking of which, the evening fare which was served up included Argentina’s game against Nigeria, a game they simply had to win.

With Diego Maradona watching on from an elevated viewpoint and carrying on like the overgrown kid that he is, Lionel Messi eventually decided to turn up for this tournament.


Diego Maradona tries to divert attention to himself during Argentina’s win over Nigeria

He scored his first World Cup goal when controlling an excellent pass from Ever Banega to shoot, right-footed, past the teenage Nigerian goalkeeper. Cue hysterics from Maradona.

Nigeria then equalised through a disputed penalty, (is there ever a penalty which isn’t disputed?), scored by Victor Moses and the game appeared to be heading for a draw. This result would have been enough to see Nigeria through so they just had to hang on.

Unfortunately, they reckoned without super striker Marcos Rojo who stole, unmarked, into the penalty area and volleyed in a low shot of which either Messi or Agüero would have been proud. Gonzalo Higuain would have missed it completely and this has been one of Argentina’s problems and is why they won’t win the tournament.

Players such as Higuain, Angel Di Maria and Javier Mascherano are no longer good enough for a team with any aspirations of winning trophies and are now, in fact, liabilities. The sooner some young blood can be brought into the team, the better for them.

So Argentina qualified and Diego Maradona was checked over by a doctor who found him to be as normal as he will ever be, which is not quite at the level expected of the average human being.

The simultaneous game on this evening was Croatia against Iceland which Iceland needed to win to have any chance of qualifying.

They didn’t but it was a very close run thing despite Croatia taking the lead through Milan Badelj. This lead was ruled out when Gylfi Sigurdsson scored yet another penalty and, if nothing else, VAR can claim to have been responsible for the World Cup with the most ever penalties awarded.

Unfortunately for Iceland, Ivan Perišić scored the winner in the 90th minute and there was no time to respond.

Although they didn’t need to win and had rested a few players Croatia’s performance was professional and they deservedly progress as group winners.

And finally…..


Marouane Fellaini – After obviously receiving NO offers from elsewhere has now decided to stay “loyal” to United

Manchester United look like reaching agreement with Marouane Fellaini over a new contract. This will, reportedly, see the Belgian receive a pay rise of around £40,000 per week.

This is a player who has shown no desire to stay at Old Trafford and has continually talked of leaving. He has asked to be paid what he is worth so, on that basis, his pay should be reduced, not increased.

One of the reasons we at WSA have been a little reserved about the thought of Willian coming to United is because he hasn’t said that he wants to. We would love him playing in red and white at Old Trafford but, in our old-fashioned eyes, he has to want to do so.

Marouane Fellaini has expressed no desire to stay. If it is only for the money, which is obviously the case, then get rid. Let his contract expire then escort him to the door, put him on the bus and pay for his ticket, as long as it is only one-way.


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