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As the group stage nears it’s end some of the old-fashioned tactics have come into play as usual.

France and Denmark played out a stale and boring 0-0 draw as it meant that both teams qualified for the last 16.

Their play was roundly booed for much of the game as FIFA and the spectators were seen to be, as usual, miles apart in what they see as the not-so-subtle difference between getting the job done and entertaining the crowd.

The two teams were allowed to defraud the attendant masses of their money by putting on an insipid display of nothingness at which fans who had travelled thousands of miles to watch were entitled to vent their frustration. (more…)



Eleven points behind Manchester City, beaten at Huddersfield and knocked out of the Carabao Cup by a Championship team. What is the reason for these poor results? Well, according to José Mourinho it’s “bad luck”, certainly with the last one.

One of Mourinho’s biggest failings is his inability to admit that anything is ever wrong. He will happily discuss what other managers do/did wrong, particularly those who preceded him at Old Trafford, going on to tell us who he wouldn’t have sold and who wouldn’t have gone out on loan.

He will then regale us with tales of what a wonderful manager he is and remind us, incessantly, of how many trophies he has won. (more…)


José Mourinho, if asked what he needed would probably say; two things. One would be an injury-free run of games with the best players being available and where points could continue to be collected.

The second would be the fourth signing Ed Woodward failed to secure in the Summer transfer window.

Having signed Romelu Lukaku, Victor Lindelof and Nemanja Matić, Mourinho wanted one more player. (more…)


One of two things can happen to United’s form between now and January. It can remain consistent whereby they stay at the top of the table, or it can tail off from the blistering start they have made and see them in one of the lower top four places.

If the former happens, then don’t expect a player to be signed in January unless Mourinho can get exactly who he wants. If it is the latter, then rigorous attempts will probably be made to fill the position he feels he has missed out on this time.

If Dithering Ed Woodward had gone the extra mile and signed Ivan Perisić, as he did with every other player he has bought to date, then there would, we assume, be no need to bring in a player in January. As he didn’t go the extra mile will this see José turn back to one of the original favourites in Antoine Griezmann? (more…)



So, having managed a full season undefeated at White Hart Lane, Tottenham fell at the first hurdle following their temporary move to Wembley.

They actually played reasonably well but, with Harry Kane not joining the goalscoring race until around October, Spurs will struggle for goals unless somebody else steps up to the plate.

The player who stepped up on Sunday was Michy Batshuayi. The problem? He’s a Chelsea player so scoring for Spurs is not part of his job description. (more…)


Once again, José Mourinho is using his press conferences to try and shame Ed Woodward into action.

Obviously the two don’t speak very often or this tactic would be unnecessary.

Mourinho has expressed his desire to add at least another player, preferably two, to his squad in at least three press conferences to date.

As the CEO or MD or whatever he is nowadays, Woodward will keep an eye on the goings-on with the media so that he is up-to-date with what his manager is saying, so it is a reasonably sure-fire way of getting his attention. (more…)



Dani Alves is going to PSG. This, reportedly, after verbally agreeing to join Pep Guardiola at Manchester City.

His reason? He wants to win a title. Surely this is as near as it gets to admitting that he thinks this will be a much easier task in France than it would be in England. Either that or he is being economical with the truth and couldn’t care less about a title as long as he gets paid lots of moolah.

Now we don’t want to be the ones to pour scorn on his reasoning, after all, it may be perfectly true. The facts, however, tend to disprove what he is saying. (more…)


That’s it! The transfer window is now officially open! Better than Christmas Day for a five year old. Better than your thirteenth birthday when you said “hello” to your teen years and much better than your eighteenth birthday when everything that used to be fun because it was illegal is now extremely boring and mundane.

So begins two months of anticipation, interspersed with long periods of frustration and boredom when, even though the window has been flung wide open, nothing happens at your club. (more…)


This transfer window promises to see English Premier League clubs spend a massive amount of money, breaking the record set in the previous window yet again.

As of writing, Manchester City have already signed Bernardo Silva and Ederson, whilst Manchester United have signed Victor Lindelof. These two clubs alone are likely to spend many more millions before the window is locked until January. (more…)