More On The Anthony Martial Enigma At Manchester United

Posted: July 23, 2018 in Arsenal, Chelsea, Football, Liverpool, Manchester City, Manchester United, Opinion, Premier League, Tottenham Hotspur, Transfers
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Anthony “Marmite” Martial is reaching a crossroads in his career at the ripe old age of 22.

He is adored by some fans, hated by others. He is criticised for his demeanour which is, in fact, very similar to that of his manager. He is criticised for his lack of workrate. He is considered by some to be lazy, a player who only wants to be involved in the nicer aspects of a football match.

He didn’t do enough to convince Didier Deschamps that he was worth a place in the French World Cup squad although, in fairness, they did pretty well without him.

The bottom line is that he doesn’t play enough games. This situation is brought on, no doubt, by his performances in training on a daily basis and his occasional appearances in the first team.

He is a quality player and was a regular starter under Louis van Gaal, the man in charge when he signed for the club, but his style of footballl was different to that of Mourinho.

With van Gaal it was boring, sideways and backwards football with everything based on a “safety-first” approach. It was always better, under the Dutchman, to retain the ball even if it meant going all the way back to the United goalkeeper from a corner, than to lose it.

Mourinho is similar but his attitude is one of “don’t lose the game, whatever you do, don’t lose”.

His team can be boring to watch but at least they don’t spend as much time going in the wrong direction as that of van Gaal. On the other hand, they can be very good to watch but this is usually when they are playing so-called “inferior” opposition.

From Martial’s point of view, his current manager likes players who will work for the team. Similar to Pep Guardiola, he wants players to track back, to cover other positions and to regain possession. Unlike Guardiola, his teams tend not to play with any great pace and he relies on players who are tall and strong to keep the ball for his side.


Louis van Gaal – Brought Martial to Old Trafford

Martial is a football-playing footballer in as much as he likes to attack the defence. He likes to beat players and he likes to score goals. He doesn’t much appreciate having to mark the opposition wing-back when he goes forward but that is the modern game.

It is now being reported that Martial wants to leave United as he feels his career has stalled. He wants to play under a manager who will appreciate his skills and get the best out of him and this will only be achieved away from Old Trafford.

Well, here’s some news that may come as a shock to the Frenchman. His career has stalled because HE is not doing what he is supposed to do. He, like a lot of young players, thinks he knows better than the manager, (the most successful manager in the Premier League, by the way).

He appears to think he should play more even when he does very little on the pitch on the few occasions when he does play. He thinks he should be picked ahead of Rashford, Sánchez or Mata, (we actually agree that he should be picked ahead of Lingard purely based on level of ability).

He gets selected, doesn’t grab his chance with both hands, and then sulks when he isn’t selcted for the next game.

Wanting to leave will not change any of this. Changing his attitude to the game may well.

The club, on the other hand, could extend his contract by a further year as they have the option to do so. This would mean that, should they choose to sell which would probably be the correct decision, they can get a better price as the player will not be in the final year of his contract.

Whatever the outcome to this situation Anthony Martial needs to do some growing up. Blaming everything and everybody else for his own shortcomings will get him nowhere and he will end up hurting his own career.

At the moment he still has the support of many United fans but there is an equal number who are fed up with him. His attitude puts him in danger of alienating those who support him at present.

And finally…..


Alexis Sánchez asking Juan Mata and Ander Herrera if they know anybody who needs a visa as he knows where to get them, no questions asked!

Alexis Sánchez has arrived in LA. He rode a big white horse into town just in time to pull on the shirt for United’s next meaningless friendly against San José Earthquakes, who once boasted George Best as a player.

This all goes to prove that, despite being stupid, forgetful and amateurish in not checking whether their star player had a visa, it is easily solved providing you know the right people. Imagine if all convicted criminals needed a visa to clear off to America. United could charge for their services and make a fortune.

Fake passport anyone?

  1. Isaac Mwaura says:

    I agree with you on most aspects but that of doing enough I disagree. Sanchez was shit since signing, Rashford plays one good match then costs us in the next ten, Lingard runs like a headless chicken he is highly overrated, Mata doesn’t track also he is weak physically, he is slow, on the other hand Martial was our best player before January, and I assure you if they extend his contract and Mourihno leaves in the summer you will see Martial get his confidence back.



  2. RedMe says:

    Martial’s attitude on the pitch stinks, he reacts like a 3 year old. His body language is wrong.
    For Rashford, Mata, Lingard the shirt means something for Martial and Pogba it just means the pay cheque. Sell the pair and get players that respect and know what it means to play for Manchester United and not think that they are better than the club or the manager. Surely Sir Alex sold Pogba for a good reason.


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