Klopp Will Blow It, Guardiola Won’t And United Could Finish Above Chelsea

Posted: January 19, 2019 in Arsenal, Chelsea, Football, Liverpool, Manchester City, Manchester United, Opinion, Premier League, Tottenham Hotspur
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Will Liverpool win the Premier League? That is one of the questions on the lips of many from Scouseland. Evertonians obviously hope not whilst the red side of the city is beginning to salivate at the thought that this may just be their year.

Well, we have news for you. Not wanting to disagree with all the pundits who said, back when Brendan Rodgers was about to fail spectacularly from a position of success, “Liverpool will NEVER have a better chance of winning the Premier League than they have now,” we actually beg to differ. They have a better chance this year but, of course, all the experts have conveniently forgotten their previous pearls of wisdom.

What will stop them is that they haven’t hit their rocky patch yet. They also haven’t had any of their better players missing through injury. Manchester City have experienced both and are still sat in second place, only four points behind.

The plain fact of the matter is that City will drop less points between now and the end of the season than Liverpool will and this will be enough to see them retain the title.

Another team on the up is Manchester United. They have spent the last five years going through their rocky patch and are only now emerging from it thanks to a manager who prefers Football Manager 2019 and the modern way to the previous incumbent’s liking for Subbuteo and all things retro.

Ole Gunnar Solskjær praises the team, the individual players and continuously reminds them how privileged they are to play for Manchester United.

José Mourinho praised himself in the past tense, himself again in the present tense and continuously reminded the world and Manchester United how lucky they were to have him!


Solskjaer has simplified the rocket science of Mourinho and van Gaal to such an extent that the players not only understand it now but they enjoy it!

Solskjær’s simple but very effective approach has seen United win their last, and his first, seven games which is a record unequalled by any previous United manager. They are also a team which doesn’t look like it will drop many points between now and the end of the season.

Having already caught up with Arsenal, United now have Chelsea in their sights and then a Harry Kane-less Tottenham. The two London clubs don’t look particularly unbeatable at present and can be expected to drop a few points before the season’s end.

This will enable United to overtake at least one of them if not both so, all things being equal, the team should finish fourth if they can’t catch Spurs and third if they can.

Hopefully, this strong finish to the season along with winning one of the FA Cup or the Champion’s League, should see Ole Gunnar Solskjær installed as the permanent United manager. After all, by then, not only will he have beaten Mauricio Pochettino’s team in their own backyard but he will also have won more trophies than the Argentinian.

Idiotic or just victims of modern gadgetry?

So three eminent footballers have hit the headlines for the wrong reasons. Is it a case of the usual “typically thick” players just haven’t got the sense to know what is appropriate behaviour and what is not?

Well, in one case anyway, the answer is probably yes.

Wayne Rooney’s excuse for being drunk when he landed at Dulles airport was that he had mixed prescribed sleeping tablets with alcohol and the resulting concoction had failed to do what many people would love to do and that is to knock him out.

He, apparently, behaved himself and paid the obligatory fine meaning he could be released without any further damage being done to his already totally destroyed public reputation.

From call girls to drunken flights off the field to trying to hold clubs to ransom on it, his totally undeserved success as a footballer comes from a media and football fans who thought he was great at playing the game. He wasn’t. He was good, not great. His many achievements were as part of a great team. They were not personal. How much did he win with Everton or England?

So he certainly qualifies as the thick footballer being stupid yet again.

What about Wayne Hennessey? Is he guilty of anything more than being in a picture taken at the wrong moment, (as far as he was concerned)?

It certainly doesn’t look anything more than how he describes it which is a man trying to draw attention to himself and cupping his hand to channel the sound as he shouts for the photographer to “get on with it”.

Social media certainly has a lot to answer for in this instance and, as is always possible, seems to be turning a perfectly innocent snapshot into something more sinister. Some people need to grow up and find something more interesting to do with their shallow little lives!


Despite the thinning grey hair, Andrés Iniesta proves he is still good enough for a mediocre Japanese league where he plays purely for enjoyment, (and bundles of cash!)

Finally, on this subject, Andrés Iniesta was also photographed whilst celebrating the Three Kings back in his homeland. Two of the people in the snap were dressed up and had blackened their faces. What is wrong with this?

If white people want to dress up as historical figures who were black then they would look pretty silly with white faces.

It is much the same as Eddie Murphy playing a white man in “Coming To America”. He wouldn’t have been at all convincing had he left his skin colour black.

Again, people need to get a grip on reality. These last two instances were never intended to disrespect anyone and, in fact, anyone who feels disrespected by either of them also needs to stand in the queue where the lives are being distributed.

It would also help proceedings if totally idiotic and needless social media sites, such as Twitter, were banned.


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