Could Solskjær Really Get The United Job Permanently?

Posted: January 7, 2019 in Arsenal, Chelsea, Football, Liverpool, Managers, Manchester City, Manchester United, Opinion, Premier League, Tottenham Hotspur
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Having won his first five games in charge, albeit against opposition even one of Fergie’s first three replacements may have expected to beat, expectations are high at Old Trafford.

The fans, the real ones and the plastic, are starting to feel a sense of optimism about the future. It is not only the five wins which, as we said, weren’t achieved against the highest quality opponents, but it is the way in which they were achieved particularly the style of attacking football in the first four of those victories.

In beating Reading in the FA Cup after making nine changes and fielding a team who had never played a competitive game together, Solskjær showed he also has the knack of being able to find a winning team when selecting from a hotch-potch of players.

Again, let’s not get too carried away because the first “real” test of his ability should come next weekend when United travel to Wembley to face Tottenham Hotspur. This will be the first game back in England following their warm-weather definitely-not-a-holiday-training-camp in Dubai, although quite why they have to travel so far when Spain, a mere couple of hours away, is currently enjoying temperatures in the mid to late 20’s is a little perplexing.

Anyway, we assume that Spurs will provide the toughest test yet although, if their home defeat to Wolves was anything to go by, then this may not be the case and United may take the points with ease. It just depends which one of Pochettino’s teams turns up!

As to what United can expect to achieve under Solskjær well the world is certainly his lobster. The old saying, usually used in boxing, is “it all depends how much he wants it” and the Norwegian certainly seems to want it.

Having already said that he doesn’t want to leave, all he has to do to be installed as manager on a permanent basis is to bring a measure of success back to the club along with a return of attacking football which, in turn, will bring back the “feelgood factor” to the fans.


An alternative to both Solskjær and Pochettino could be the current Juventus manager Max Allegri

In his short tenure he has already managed two of the three and just needs to carry it on until the end of the season. If he can add a top four finish, maybe the FA Cup and maybe even a Champion’s League quarter or semi-final then the job should be his for the taking. Even a proven botcher like Ed Woodward would be unable to resist the fans pressure to give the job to Solskjær on a full-time basis.

In truth, it may be enough just to continue with the fans on his side and playing attractive football and winning something may prove to be unnecessary. Even this outcome would be preferable to the “death by 100 crosses” rubbish served up by David Moyes, the sleep-inducing sideways football of Louis van Gaal and the defend-at-all-costs garbage preferred by José “never mind United, it’s all about how fantastic I am” Mourinho.

It would certainly help his cause if he could pick up a trophy because, if he doesn’t, Woodward may very well use that against him and go for a more experienced manager. That scenario would, of course, rule out Mauricio Pochettino who also hasn’t won a trophy so would hardly be seen as a more successful manager.

Others though, such as Max Allegri and maybe Carlo Ancelotti, will probably come into the equation if Solskjær doesn’t achieve a trophy or top four finish so we hope he can finish the season on a high and fulfill his ambition to manage his favourite club.

We also hope that, should he get the job, he can make the transition from caretaker to full-time manager without any problems as this has never been an easy switch to make and the pressure suddenly becomes very real when the honeymoon is over and the buck actually does stop at your desk.


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