Solskjær Would Be Better Off Listening To The Supporters Than The Scouts!

Posted: January 15, 2020 in Arsenal, Chelsea, Football, Liverpool, Manchester City, Manchester United, Opinion, Premier League, Tottenham Hotspur
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Providing Ed the Incompetent doesn’t mess things up, which is always a very strong possibility, then it would appear that Bruno Fernandes is about to sign for Manchester United. Is he a good signing or not? We here at WSA happen to think he would be a very good signing. In fact, we thought he would be a very good signing last summer when United could have bought him for less than now. So why didn’t they?

Well apparently they weren’t too impressed with the content of their scouts reports which said that he often gave the ball away. Strange this because, that being the case, he should have been a perfect fit for this team, all of whom are extremely adept at this very unwelcome skill!

This, in our humble opinion, was a rather feeble reason for not buying him, particularly when one considers that Fred had not shown any real form at that time, McTominay hadn’t reached the dizzy heights he now has and the future of Pogba, then as now, remained uncertain. Add to this the fact that Lingard was about to continue his goal and assist strike, Matić was deemed surplus to requirements and Mata was struggling to complete 90 minutes.

Consequently those brainiacs at Old Trafford got rid of Marouane Fellaini and Ander Herrera and did nothing to replace either of them.

At the opening of the January transfer window, United’s fit midfielders were Nemanja Matić, Juan Mata and Fred. Fortunately Andreas Pereira, after a few ropey games, found some form and filled in adequately but nothing more.

So having given up on the likes of James Maddison and Jack Grealish, for the moment anyway, United decided to go for Fernandes.

This was seen as a u-turn by the media, who thought that United had looked at him then decided against an approach back in the summer.


Jumpin’ Jack Grealish who, reportedly, would be quite happy to join the average bunch at Old Trafford!

Not at all! United have listened to their supporters for once! Scouts at Old Trafford are notoriously useless and have done nothing to enhance their reputation since Sir Alex Ferguson retired despite having had many opportunities to do so. They have managed to “scout” the second best centre back in the Premier League and the best right wing-back in the Premier League. Those missions must have needed a few nights in 5* hotels, all expenses paid!

Many supporters were aghast when United didn’t sign Fernandes and let their feelings be known all over the usual social media disgraces. Their feelings were proved to be correct by the team putting in some atrocious performances and showing exactly why the club SHOULD have bought Fernandes.

Now, in January, United still have a chance of qualifying for next season’s Champion’s League but only IF they improve the team NOW. Thankfully, they do appear to be trying to do that.

Bruno Fernandes is only one of about 379 players being linked with a move to Manchester United this window but, if he turns out to be the only arrival at least he will be the most important one in the last few years.

And finally…..

Jolly Ole needs to cut down on the jolly bit. He needs to stop looking so smug when he is interviewed. He needs to stop looking so happy when the team has just lost. Smiling is not a problem but there is a time and a place and when you have just lost at Norwich, the league’s bottom and, therefore, worst team, that is neither the time nor the place.


Ole realises that only losing 2-0 to Norwich was actually a great result when it could have been so much worse!

He needs to stop being a yes-man for Woodward and the Glazers. The supporters are not expecting him to come out and agree with them, they expect him to abstain from commenting when asked questions on the subject. They certainly don’t want him praising them in any way even if they have sanctioned the signing of players with some of the money they have not yet taken out of the club.

Solskjær is not the long term answer at Manchester United despite what know-nothing Ed Woodward seems to think. What he is is a manager who has been given the chance to prove that he can do a job. When he leaves Old Trafford he should be able to take over at another lower level Premier League club or one in the Championship. That is the best he can hope for and if he can get United somewhere near where they should be he will leave with the fans blessing and thanks, reputation as player and all-round nice guy intact, reputation as a manager still filed under “could do better”.

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