The Sore That Is Manchester United Continues To Fester

Posted: January 23, 2020 in Arsenal, Chelsea, Football, Liverpool, Manchester City, Manchester United, Opinion, Premier League, Tottenham Hotspur
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The reasons for the current problems at Manchester United can be summed up quite simply.

1. The owners know absolutely nothing about football.
2. The CEO knows absolutely nothing about football.
3. The manager knows absolutely nothing about the tactical side of football, communicating with supporters or managing players.

With a CV which includes managing a third rate club in Norway and taking Cardiff City from the Premier League to the Championship, there was no reason to even consider Ole Gunnar Solskjær for the manager’s job at Old Trafford, let alone actually appoint him.

If United were going to hire a coach based purely on the fact that he used to play for them then there were other candidates. Indeed there were other candidates more qualified than Solskjær.

How about Steve Bruce, Mark Hughes or Ryan Giggs? Not the right fit for the club? Probably not and certainly not what United fans would expect after the “failure” of José Mourinho and Louis van Gaal, both of whom were fired after bringing trophies to the club. So why would they appoint Solskjær who is even less qualified than the aforementioned three ex-players with the possible exception of Giggs? No idea? Neither do we!

Solskjær is currently proving to be way out of his depth at this level, a fact of which we were already aware after his failure at Cardiff.

The problem is that the CEO is also way out of his depth at this level and, to add insult to injury has, over the last few years, decided to meddle in the club’s transfers which has resulted in some terrible signings with millions of pounds wasted.

So the second and third items on our list need removing from the equation. Will this be done by the first? It is very doubtful as the Glazers obviously see Woodward as a man who makes money for them. As long as they are receiving their obscene dividends they are quite happy to turn a blind eye to the massive problems at “their” club.

That being the case then the Glazers need removing from power and that would likely solve most of the problems at one fell swoop.


A couple of supporters doing their bit

Removing owners is a difficult process and United supporters are currently singing offensive songs about them while suggesting they will attend fewer matches, not renew season tickets, refuse to buy club merchandise and generally make things difficult in an attempt to get the parasites out of the club.

On the other hand, the same supporters are baying for signings in this transfer window in order to push for a top four finish at the end of the season. This, of course, would mean Champion’s League qualification which would pour even more money into the Glazer’s pockets and make them even less likely to sell the club.

There is nothing so fickle, (or hypocritical), as a club fanbase.

If, however, a miracle occurred and the Glazers did sell the club then a brighter future would immediately come into view.

Providing the new owner(s) is/are football savvy then Woodward would be the first to go closely followed by his Norwegian puppet. Replacing Woodward on the commercial side shouldn’t be too difficult. After all, how hard can it be to persuade some obscure Chinese noodle producer that their cause would be better served by allying with Manchester United? Yes, Ed brought home the bacon in that respect but, it is our contention that, with the United name, virtually anybody could do his job.

The next question, which is being asked by fans right now is; it’s all very well sacking Ole but who would replace him?

Well judging by his record, (the worst of any United manager in 30 years), almost anybody would be better than him! Manchester United need a top class manager. They need a Mauricio Pochettino or a Max Allegri. They need a manager with a track record of success, whether that success be in winning trophies or developing teams or both. What they don’t need is a manager who has failed at his only Premier League job and then only been considered good enough to ply his trade in Norway!


Two half decent coaches who are unemployed while others are pretending to be managers!

The rhetoric emanating from Old Trafford at the moment is that the clueless CEO who knows absolutely nothing about football is going to stand by his tactically inept manager so a return to the halcyon days of Lord Ferg seems a long way off.

A vote of confidence in the manager, however, is also a double edged sword……so watch this space!

  1. ruairidh0292 says:

    It is so heart breaking to have the club being run into the ground. Change is desperately needed. A good piece.


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