What’s In A Word? For Manchester United Fans – Everything!

Posted: March 23, 2021 in Arsenal, Chelsea, Football, Liverpool, Managers, Manchester City, Manchester United, Opinion, Premier League, Tottenham Hotspur
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We here at WSA are all for modernity. We live for the now, not the then or the was. Just because most of our life is in the past does not mean that we choose to live there although, to be fair, it is often a much better alternative to what we have nowadays.

What we have nowadays, for example, are words and expressions attached to the game of football which would have drawn a more than quizzical look if used in the not too distant past.

Take Manchester United, (we wish somebody would take it, at least off the Glazers), for example. A massive club with millions of fans/supporters worldwide.

It is now very easy, through social media, for these fans/supporters to “talk” to each other and boy, do they talk to each other!

By the way there is a difference between a fan and a supporter. Growing up in the 1960’s WSA would have to be considered a fan of the club and most of what it did. This has changed in the last 25-30 years whereby the club has done NOTHING off the pitch of which we can claim to be a fan. In fact, the behemoth that is United, has turned into a money-grabbing, couldn’t-care-less-about-the-fans-only-their-money, not even that interested in football anymore only the goodies it can bring, institution.

It is even owned by Americans who know nothing about football, are not fans of the club and use it exclusively as a piggy-bank into which they can dip their grubby paws at will.

So we now consider ourselves a Manchester United supporter because, as a Mancunian, changing team after 60 years is not an option.

Anyway, back to the point of this ramble. Where were we? Oh yes, modern words and phrases.
So, the first one we hear a lot currently is “top red”. What does that mean? We would like to think it is someone, a little like ourselves, who has supported the club, unswervingly, for many a year through thick and thin. Guess what? Apparently, it is somebody who blindly backs the current manager despite the fact that he, as is proven very regularly, is not up to the job.

United’s manager inexpicably retains the backing of many supporters and an inept board

Anybody who doesn’t think OGS should be in charge and would like somebody better isn’t a “top red” and isn’t allowed an opinion. This is an example of modern day “thinking”.

Another word bandied about a lot is “project”. People are either supporting, or not supporting, Ole Gunnar Solskjær’s project. Nobody knows what this “project” is, not even Solskjær but, apparently, it needs supporting. Well here’s some news. If this project continues to leave United trophy-less and has them playing woeful football more often than not then we won’t be supporting it.

The final word isn’t particularly modern or unusual. It is a word used when explaining how good Ole is whilst glossing over the fact that he’s won nothing! That word is “progress” and it is so clear that even the blind can see it. The problem is that most normal-sighted people actually CAN’T see it.

Yes, we will concede that United are 12 points better off than they were at this stage last season. However, unlike some, we won’t conveniently forget to mention that last season was the worst points tally at this stage since 1992!

Also, as we are tired of repeating, Solskjær has won nothing! His two predecessors both won trophies and were fired and there is talk of giving this failure a new contract! Another reason, if one were needed, as to why we are now a supporter rather than a fan.

Still, that’s what you get when the club is owned by Americans and run by a banker from Cheltenham.

So, to recap, to be a fan now you need to be a “top red” who is fully behind the “project” and can see the “progress”!

PS – Does anyone else think that Solskjær would make a pretty good assistant manager? Bring in a top number one and see if Ole can actually learn something as his number two.

  1. RedMe says:

    Back in his own country maybe but not in the EPL. OGS takes us one step forward then three back. Much as I like him for the player he was, he is not the manager that Manchester United need.
    We are better because we have better players (academy and bought) nothing to do with the management. Personally I find the staff incompetent and watching the lot of them during games is sickening.


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