We had to do it! After years of berating England national football team, it’s manager and it’s perpetually, but unrealistically, (most of the time), optimistic supporters, finally we have to hold up our hands and admit that they have actually played quite well in reaching the semi-final of Euro Not 2020.

Despite occasional attempts by the manager to derail the English train it has kept steadfastly on track and is on course for a first final in forever and possibly, (whisper it), a first trophy in even longer!

Well done gawpy Gareth and the boys. This was teamwork and management above and beyond. Who would have thought we would beat the Ukraine without the Stockport Iniesta and ‘Union’ Jack Grealish, arguably our two best and most creative players?

Who also would have thought that the blind squirrel that is Raheem Sterling would not only find ONE nut but THREE!? This from a player who still spent 95% of his time looking around trying to find the ball, receiving it before immediately losing it, giving it away or falling over. The fact that he managed to be in the right place at the right time on three occasions means that, for us anyway, he can be forgiven his ineptitude the rest of the time. Normal service was, of course, resumed in the quarter-final. It was only a matter of time, just ask Pep.

Of course the argument can still be made that had Foden and Grealish started the game against Ukraine then England may have scored seven or eight but let’s not be too greedy. It’s only fair to let England’s answer to Ole Gunnar Solskjær think he’s a good manager, at least for the time being. Let’s hope that, unlike his Norwegian doppleganger, he can continue being a good manager past the semi-final stage!

So it’s onwards and upwards to face Denmark who, having lost their first two games AND their talisman, have since looked unbeatable and will pose the biggest threat to date for England, who will be favourites due to the game being played, totally unfairly, at Wembley.

The winners of this tie will then face Italy, who beat Spain after penalties, in the final when everyone can congratulate them on getting this far in the tournament and commiserate with them for losing against the Italians.

In other news…..

Manchester United have signed Jadon Sancho, we think. There has been no announcement from anyone other than Marcus Rashford so it may all be a smokescreen before the actual announcement that Radamel Falcao is returning to Old Trafford for another pop at the Premier League.

He could be joined by Raphael Varane, assuming the Frenchman is not just using United to get a better deal at Real Madrid. Surely he wouldn’t be so underhand. It isn’t something normally associated with Madrid players. Except for Tony Kroos. Oh and…er… that other fella, Sergio Ramos. Maybe Varane won’t join after all!

There is also an 18 year-old kid called Eduardo Camavinga in the crosshairs but he is being watched by other big clubs as well so he’s another possibly/maybe.

There is certainly no news on United’s large network of overpaid scouts coming up with anyone who is either not already well known or will cost less than £40million so there is reason to wonder why they bother employing them. Surely, somewhere in the lower echelons of football, there is another Steve Coppell, Jim Holton or Alex Forsyth just waiting to be snapped up! If there is then United’s scouts won’t find them. Not while sitting in their comfy, all expenses paid seats at the Bernabeu or Camp Nou.

Anyway, enough of that for now. Let’s look forward to next season and one of two things happening. Either United’s new signings propel them to the title or, more likely, Solskjær proves that, even with the best squad, he is still not very good at this football management lark!


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