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So here we go again dear readers. Another opportunity for Manchester United to advance to the semi-final of a domestic cup competition, another opportunity blown.

They had the easiest draw as they were playing the only club from outside of the Premier League and their inept performance was inexcusable.

Despite José Mourinho insisting that Bristol City were lucky, they gave United a lesson in how to keep possession and how to take chances but at least there is a silver lining in the defeat. (more…)



Following a decent start, at home, against an average team, Manchester United players will have gained confidence as well as the three points from their performance. They will have gained little else as the victory over West Ham United was a relative stroll, particularly after the first goal had demolished any “ambition” they may have had of defending for ninety minutes.

Manchester City also experienced an easy day out in Brighton where, despite initially struggling to break down the HOME!!? team, they won quite comfortably in the end. Both clubs, without really being tested, looked quite convincing but were helped by the opposition! (more…)