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The new Premier League season moved a small step nearer yesterday as the fixtures were announced. This always feels like a hurdle has been…..well…..hurdled, because it is a milestone during the close season which is designed to satisfy two longings.

The first is the millions of fans around the world who are all only a tablet/phone/laptop away from a conversation, friendly or otherwise, with each other. The fixture list will give them something positive to talk about so that they can, temporarily at least, refrain from threatening their club’s management, board, players and each other for a day or two. (more…)



Eleven points behind Manchester City, beaten at Huddersfield and knocked out of the Carabao Cup by a Championship team. What is the reason for these poor results? Well, according to José Mourinho it’s “bad luck”, certainly with the last one.

One of Mourinho’s biggest failings is his inability to admit that anything is ever wrong. He will happily discuss what other managers do/did wrong, particularly those who preceded him at Old Trafford, going on to tell us who he wouldn’t have sold and who wouldn’t have gone out on loan.

He will then regale us with tales of what a wonderful manager he is and remind us, incessantly, of how many trophies he has won. (more…)


So here we go again dear readers. Another opportunity for Manchester United to advance to the semi-final of a domestic cup competition, another opportunity blown.

They had the easiest draw as they were playing the only club from outside of the Premier League and their inept performance was inexcusable.

Despite José Mourinho insisting that Bristol City were lucky, they gave United a lesson in how to keep possession and how to take chances but at least there is a silver lining in the defeat. (more…)


With wins for all of the “Big Six” except Tottenham and the January transfer window looming large we look at the performances and whether or not the teams need to strengthen in any position for the run-in next year.

In the Saturday games Arsenal were at home to Newcastle United and managed to scrape a 1-0 win.

More important for the Gunners this January is probably who they can hold onto rather than who they can buy.

Alexis Sánchez has been largely anonymous this season and that fact goes some of the way to explaining why Arsenal are short of goals. (more…)


Mind games have rarely won football games. Sir Alex Ferguson once famously got under the skin of Kevin Keegan and his comments were widely attributed to United managing to chase down the twelve points lead Newcastle had at the top of the Premier League at the time.

The same would never happen to Pep Guardiola. He is more experienced than Keegan was, he has won more as a manager than Keegan had. He is certainly more street-wise than Keegan. Yes, he will occasionally rise to the bait but he would never let it affect his team’s performances on the pitch. (more…)


According to some press reports, José Mourinho will leave Manchester United in the summer. He will take his travelling roadshow to Paris where he will challenge for the Champion’s League.

It’s as simple as that.

The problem is that the reasons given for his wanting to leave United are that he can’t compete with Manchester City and doesn’t get enough backing from the board. That simply is not true.

So, if that is the case José, then au revoir et bonne chance. (more…)


Today’s tell-all intends to discover if Manchester’s finest are planning trips to Madrid outside of regular competition time!


The days of Manchester United scoring four goals every time they step onto a football pitch already seem to be long departed and the reason, despite United fans blaming everything from the weather to José Mourinho to Marouane Fellaini being crocked, is because Paul Pogba went and injured himself.

It is no coincidence, (actually, it is), that United stopped scoring multiple goals regularly as soon as Pogba was out of the team. He is not only the strength and power of the midfield but also the creative player who can make a telling pass. He was also contributing to the scoring charts so, all in all, he is a bigger miss than most people thought would be the case. (more…)


José Mourinho, if asked what he needed would probably say; two things. One would be an injury-free run of games with the best players being available and where points could continue to be collected.

The second would be the fourth signing Ed Woodward failed to secure in the Summer transfer window.

Having signed Romelu Lukaku, Victor Lindelof and Nemanja Matić, Mourinho wanted one more player. (more…)

Having initially chosen to stay with Atlético Madrid through a warped sense of loyalty, many people are of the opinion that Antoine Griezmann will move to Manchester United in the January transfer window.

Those opinions will have been strengthened by the recent news that his buy-out clause has been halved to €100 million. This is because, in January, Atlético Madrid will be able to buy players again and will also be in a position to be able to replace Griezmann.

There is no guarantee, however that the player will sign for Manchester United because, by then, Mourinho or his underworked and overpaid scouts, may have identified an alternative. (more…)


One of two things can happen to United’s form between now and January. It can remain consistent whereby they stay at the top of the table, or it can tail off from the blistering start they have made and see them in one of the lower top four places.

If the former happens, then don’t expect a player to be signed in January unless Mourinho can get exactly who he wants. If it is the latter, then rigorous attempts will probably be made to fill the position he feels he has missed out on this time.

If Dithering Ed Woodward had gone the extra mile and signed Ivan Perisić, as he did with every other player he has bought to date, then there would, we assume, be no need to bring in a player in January. As he didn’t go the extra mile will this see José turn back to one of the original favourites in Antoine Griezmann? (more…)