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Sunsport, which is the very original name for the sports section of The Sun newspaper, has conducted an exclusive poll. This must mean that they were the only ones who thought it had any relevance and, on that basis, nobody would be really interested in the findings.

Wrong! As greedy gobblers of anything football related, particularly when it’s about the Premier League and, even more particularly, when it’s an oasis in the desert of an international injury window, we at WSA thought it was quite interesting reading.

The poll was to decide which of the Premier League managers had increased their popularity rating with the fans and which hadn’t, thereby heading in the opposite direction. (more…)


And so to the final day of our troll through the Premier League managers. We have now considered the futures of fourteen of the poor souls and decided that most of them will continue to collect their relatively easy money for another few months at least.

If not, they will leave their current employ to be appointed by another clueless club who will continue paying them an absolute fortune for very little, if any, return. West Ham and Everton seem like good candidates for out of work managers to be interviewing!

Another example of the recycling trend is about to occur in West London. We have just been reading that serial failure Steve McClaren is to be announced as their new manager by serial losers QPR. This will change the perception of neither the club nor the manager! (more…)


The early kick-off on Saturday morning is the game between Manchester United and Liverpool at Old Trafford. With only two points separating the teams, United are second and Liverpool third, a win for either side would be profitable. For United it would take them five points clear of Jürgen Klopp’s team and a win for Liverpool would move them a point above United into second place.

So the smart/clever/wise/whatever-you-want-to-call-it money is on a draw.

This wouldn’t necessarily be a disastrous result for either side and is certainly more preferable to losing but it would allow the three chasing London clubs the opportunity to close the gap as all of them are involved in games they should win. (more…)