(Are there really three candidates? It’s doubtful, but we look at them anyway!)

Jose Mourinho

Jose Mourinho is by far and away the most qualified for this prestigious position. He also has the added advantage of actually wanting the job! Currently out of work, there would be no compensation to pay and the transition from van Gaal to Mourinho would be seamless.

Having won titles and Champion’s leagues with different clubs in different countries Jose has proven on many occasions that he is the right man for the job.

Unlike David Moyes, he would not find the task daunting or too big and would relish the opportunity of pitting his wits against Pep Guardiola again, this time in Manchester. Unlike Louis van Gaal, his methods and tactics are not so dated that the players would have to bale him out if the going got tough.

Quite why he hasn’t been appointed just yet is a bit of a mystery to a lot of United fans. It certainly doesn’t look like this team is going to achieve Champion’s League qualification but, if they were to bring in Mourinho now, there would still be a possibility. Then it wouldn’t look quite as bad on van Gaal who, by the end of this season, will have spent two years and £258 million on taking the team backwards!

Mauricio Pochettino

The latest name in the frame. He has certainly impressed in his relatively short time in the Premier League. He worked wonders at Southampton although, in fairness, Ronald Koeman is doing the same and so proving that it is possible to succeed at a well run club irrespective of size.

Since taking the Tottenham job he has disposed of some of the players bought with the Gareth Bale money and, when he has purchased anybody, has proven to be very shrewd in the market. Dele Alli may go down as the buy of the season although he will have competition from Dmitri Payet at West Ham United and Riyad Mahrez at Leicester City.

As I write, Spurs lie in second place in the table and have a realistic chance of winning the title. If they do it would be Pochettino’s first trophy in England and that is the reason why he shouldn’t be considered for the United job.

David Moyes found United to be far too big to handle and spent most of his time like a rabbit caught in the headlights. The same may happen to Pochettino at present. He needs a few more years experience, with Tottenham, before making a move such as this one.

Diego Simeone

Not too long ago this was the man rumoured to be favoured by the Manchester United players for the managers job. It could be that that was all nonsense, it could be that it is still the case, but it does not appear to be.

Simeone appears perfectly happy at Atletico Madrid and shows no signs of wishing to move anywhere. He is in his fifth year as manager there and has had unprecedented success when you consider who his two main rivals are. Why he would want to leave is the question. Maybe a “fresh challenge”, a more competitive league or just a change of situation. Who knows? I, for one though, can’t see him leaving Madrid at anytime in the near future.

I wrote an article yesterday, which is here, in which I questioned why Massimiliano Allegri would want to leave the Juventus frying pan for the Chelsea fire. The same logic, (or lack of), applies to Simeone. the only difference being that he is not managing in his own country.

Anyway, for me, these would seem to be the three main contenders if there are three.
It isn’t time to experiment with Ryan Giggs yet as United need to get back to winning ways as soon as is possible. Previous experience with ex-players should also serve as a caveat to the club. Wilf McGuinness went bald virtually overnight after taking over from Sir Matt Busby in a doomed reign. Sir Bobby Charlton tried and failed with Preston, proving that longevity and loyalty as a great player does not guarantee a good manager at the end of the playing career.

The standout candidate remains Jose Mourinho and now it is just a question of how long it takes Ed Woodward to cotton on to this fact, which has been apparent to everybody else for months!

  1. williams ugbor says:

    No, Jose Mourinho is not the right person at all, I don’t like him he should go. Did he forget anything in England? I think Diego Simeone is the right man.


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