Now The Clown Van Gaal Is Blaming Paul Scholes For Manchester United Problems!

Posted: February 12, 2016 in Chelsea, Football, Louis van Gaal, Managers, Manchester United, Opinion, Premier League
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(Scholesy reacts to the news that, according to one expert, everything negative about United is his fault!)

Does the madness of King Louis show no sign of abating? Fresh from blaming his players for not rewarding themselves in the draw against Chelsea, he now blames Paul Scholes for anything negative in the camp, or on the bus, or in the dressing room.

The article explaining all this is in the Daily Telegraph and can be found here.

In a game where United looked reasonably comfortable until HE changed the shape and brought on three subs, which automatically gave the initiative to Chelsea, the end result should have been a 0-1 to the Reds. HE messed it up and then set about blaming the players for not following his instructions and giving the ball away and not defending properly.

He was right about losing possession and not defending but these were the players HE had picked, HE had trained all week and HE had become acquainted with over the last eighteen months. If he still does not know what they are going to do in a game, after all this time, then it is definitely Mourinho time.

At least, after losing at Leicester City in his last game in charge of Chelsea, Jose Mourinho openly questioned the players attitude. He said that they didn’t follow his instructions and he gave examples. Now that is hardly the way to inspire confidence from prospective employers but, in his case, it was welcome honesty. He wasn’t using it as an excuse, he was frustrated because, had the players followed his instructions, the match would probably have been drawn. The players of Chelsea that night, in his eyes and the eyes of many others, openly rebelled and the outcome became inevitable.

Unfortunately, with Woodward and van Gaal providing Manchester United’s answer to Laurel and Hardy, nothing is inevitable anymore. Certainly not the success they were once used to before this pair rode into town. Maybe some of the more negative stuff like always blaming somebody else, has become inevitable.

Van Gaal, unfortunately, achieves heights of arrogance of which even Margaret Thatcher would have been proud. He is typical in that, when everything is going well, it is his fault completely and he will immediately stand up and take any blame for that. Irrespective of who is really responsible for any success, (what does that word mean now?), van Gaal will offer himself up as the sacrificial lamb upon who praise should be heaped by the bucketful.

Whenever it doesn’t go according to plan, which has been for about fifteen of the last eighteen months at United, then someone else is to blame. At this point, van Gaal doesn’t disappear, he steps into the limelight to explain where the fault lies. This is just so that nobody will get confused and think that maybe, after all this time and money that has been spent, he is getting it all completely wrong.

It has been the players. They didn’t listen to Louis, they didn’t follow his instructions, waffle, yawn, waffle, yawn, more waffle. It has been the press. They ask him questions and make things up. Wow, that’s a novelty! More waffle, yawn, waffle, yawn. It has been the referees. They don’t see the game as he sees it. Good, we don’t really want them to. Waffle, yawn, waffle, yawn. Now it is Paul Scholes. Van Gaal says he is entitled to his opinion and then has a go at him when he gives it. What a hypocrite! Waffle, yawn, waffle, yawn.

It has now gone past the stage when the man was a mild amusement. At one time he was like a circus sideshow, funny and harmless. Now he is no longer funny and he is harming Manchester United so much that they will need longer to recover from his two years than from any other manager in recent history.

Cue the men in white coats, it is time for Louis the Mad to be taken back to his room to be spoon fed his wine.


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