As regular readers of these chronicles will be aware, there are several amongst the football fraternity who are, to put it mildly, an irritation. We are not just referring to current players in the previous statement, as there are far more irritating people who have never played the game, who have retired from the game or who have dabbled at it and been no better than average.

There are reporters, presenters and referees. There are “celebrity” fans, another horrible expression suggesting that some people are “celebrated” whilst others are completely ignored throughout their life despite the good they may do.

We understand that the world has it’s priorities all cock-eyed. No need to explain that bit to us. When 80% of the wealth in the world is shared between 20% of the people and vice-versa, something is rotten and not just in the state of Denmark.

When you can become the President of the USA, the highest political office in the world, not because you are a politician but because of the amount of money you have, particularly when your political ideas promote racism, sexism and torture then something is not quite right.

When a player like Wayne Rooney, a striker, can be lauded for scoring less than twenty goals per season over thirteen years, even though he has been vastly overpaid to do much more than that, then it begins to look as though society has it wrong on all levels.

On a smaller scale, TV presenters are a pretty pathetic bunch. With the possible exception of the manic Jeff Stelling on Sky, the rest seem to be there so that the unemployment figures don’t look quite so bad. They certainly don’t appear to have any talent, or common sense or even feeling for the job.

Apart from the stupid statements which issue forth from their collective mouths on a regular basis, what is the point of them? Generally speaking, they seem to have been interviewed and then given a job depending upon how irritating they can sound.

Take Rob Wotton. Please, somebody take Rob Wotton! This has to be the most annoying voice on TV. Not just in sport but on TV anywhere in the world. Add to this the stupid and banal questions he asks of his not-very-bright guests and you have a solid reason for changing channel or switching off the TV.

He is closely followed by his colleague Jim White. Another who only has to open his mouth to have viewers everywhere reaching for the remote control.

Why do we continue to renew our subscriptions when Sky just treat us as so many morons prepared to pay whatever for the rubbish they serve up under the heading of football?

The problem here is that they know that we, the paying public, will watch anybody as long as the subject is football, so they couldn’t care less who they shunt in front of us, we will watch anyway. They could use an untrained chimpanzee to present their sports news and, apart from the fact that not many people would notice the difference and those who did would consider it a major improvement, people would still tune in in their thousands.

BT Sport have an even more self important, supercilious clown presenting their football. Jake Humphrey is smug and always appears to think he is doing us a big favour by being there! He is not and, if there were any justice in the world, he would join a very long line of out-of-work sports presenters.

Pep Guardiola, Mauricio Pochettino, Claude Puel, Antonio Conte and the latest addition Marco Silva all think they speak better English than they actually do. They won’t admit to not being able to understand a question when asked. They will just give an answer which they think is correct, or close to being correct. This is because they get absolutely no assistance from the idiots asking the questions.

Geoff Shreeves for example, who is the most irritating in this particular line of “work“, will use slang words when interviewing someone. He will talk very fast and make no allowance whatsoever for the fact that the poor guy he is questioning hasn’t a clue what he is babbling on about. It’s bad enough that he asks totally stupid questions of the people who can understand him but he has to be even more idiotic by expecting miracles from managers whose first language is most definitely not English.

We here at WSA have never heard Mike Dean, (the referee), speak. We don’t know what he sounds like but he looks as though he has a whining little voice which would annoy others very quickly. He behaves and acts like a very irritating person, so he probably is one. He reminds us of David Elleray, (another referee), and it would not surprise us to find out that they were bosom buddies.

Piers Morgan is an Arsenal fan. As if this were not enough he even manages to be disliked by other Arsenal fans. How does he do it? It’s easy when you have an obnoxious personality. He is another one whose opinion of himself is sky-high.

There are many more and Richard Keys is at the top of our next list because we would overrun the word count for this article by thousands and what would it gain? It gets some of the frustrations of life off our chests and makes us feel a little better for the very short time we do not have to encounter any of the aforementioned narcissists.

Then the peace is disturbed once again by the whines, or the stupid questions or the equally stupid comments and a follow-up article to this one becomes inevitable.

Bet you can’t wait!


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