Manchester City & Manchester United Are Deadlocked At The Top Of The Premier League But Will One Of Them Win It This Season?

Posted: September 18, 2017 in Arsenal, Chelsea, European Football, Football, Manchester City, Manchester United, Opinion, Premier League
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They have played the same amount of games. They have won the same amount of games. They have scored the same amount of goals and they have conceded the same amount of goals. They have both drawn one game and neither have lost a game. Consequently they have the same amount of points thanks to their identical tallies in everything else.

They are, however, only three points ahead of Chelsea and have only played five game so it’s still definitely very early days yet.

Despite the identical starts to the season, Manchester City and Manchester United have managers with very different opinions on how the game should be played, or maybe that ought to be how a game should be won, because there is a difference.

José Mourinho is already planning how to hold onto a lead when the first goal goes in. Guardiola is thinking of scoring more. Mourinho hopes for more but will take a 1-0 victory. So will Guardiola, but he will be far more disappointed if his team only score one.

The difference between the two is also fairly obvious on the pitch. Pep likes to fill as many places as possible with small, skilful players who are very good on the ball. José prefers power and athleticism. United currently have the tallest squad in the Premier League.

So, if the title is to go to one of these two, will it be the one playing the free-flowing, attacking and attractive football that the fans want to see, or will it be José Mourinho?

If United do indeed win the title they will also have been involved in some very thrilling games and, in fairness to Mourinho, this United team are far more attractive to watch than either of those managed by van Gaal or Moyes.

But what about the others?

Concern for Chelsea would be their inability to take even a point from Burnley at home and their failure to beat a very average Arsenal team who didn’t even include their two star players in the starting line-up despite both being fit.

The return to full fitness of Eden Hazard should be a great help to Antonio Conte in his attempt to defend the title but there appears to be a need for more creativity than they are currently producing and they are already becoming over-reliant on new signing Álvaro Morata getting them the goals.

The major concern for Arsenal fans will be the same for the next two years. Has Arséne Wenger found a previously unknown or secret winning formula during the close season? The fact of the matter is that, if he hasn’t, then he should have resigned after winning last season’s FA Cup.

Two more years of turmoil and turbulence then, hopefully, he will finally stand down and let a younger manager take the reins.

Tottenham Hotspur still haven’t found anything even vaguely resembling consistency at White Hart Wembley, except for not being able to win there. More points were dropped this weekend against a poor Swansea team and it is their “home” form which prevents Spurs being contenders this season and may very well keep them out of the top four as well.

Liverpool have the same problem as Tottenham in that they also couldn’t beat Burnley at home, yet they had previously managed to hammer Arsenal before being hammered themselves by City.

It is this total inconsistency which means Liverpool will be lucky to make it into the top four the way they are going now.

So judging by early season form and results, Manchester City and Manchester United have every chance of running away at the top of the league and leaving the rest in their wake.

The big question is; which of the two philosophies and playing styles is going to result in collecting the trophy next May?

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