After Manchester City, Who Is The Most Attractive Team To Watch Of The Remaining Big Five?

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Unless you have a different idea to the rest of us on how the game of football should be played, it is difficult to disagree that Manchester City are the form team at the moment. Not only that but, when in full flow, they are without doubt the most attractive of the top teams to watch.

But who comes next? Forget parking the bus, forget different tactics and formations for different games. Who, when in full flow and playing all-out attacking football, is next in the list of “must watch” teams?

Here we give our opinions with which we totally expect our readership to disagree, (maybe not everyone, have some sympathy please).

Let us know in the comments section below, what do you think?


Stubborn old man can have his team playing really attractive football at times and there were a couple of seasons when Arsenal were by far and away the most watchable team in the Premier League.

As everybody is well aware he is currently going through the “plot losing” stage of his life and his team’s performances are suffering as a result.

It will only get worse when both Sánchez and Özil leave, possibly as early as January, so Arsenal are now well down the pecking order of teams you couldn’t possibly miss when they are on the box.


Another team who can be irresistible when the mood takes and everything slots into place. The problem here, again, appears to be the manager. Losses against Crystal Palace and Burnley do not suggest that Chelsea experience everything “slotting into place” very often.

They were very watchable when playing against Roma in the Champion’s League but this was mainly because Roma made a game of it and had a go at Chelsea, so it was more that the match was worth watching than either team in particular.

Chelsea are not good enough consistently to make us stay in the armchair when they are being televised.


Almost the same scenario as the previous two. In fact, Jürgen Klopp could even be described as being a mixture of Arséne Wenger and Antonio Conte. His manic gesturing and posturing on the touchline are very reminiscent of the Chelsea boss, while his post and pre-match interviews have him sounding like stubborn old man.

Another team which is very inconsistent in performance and wouldn’t have us forsaking a night out to watch one of their games. They can, however, be very pleasing to watch.

Manchester United

This is the team which, at the start of the season, came closest to emulating Manchester City. Performances were exciting and the football was free-flowing and attacking.

This, unfortunately to an extent, seems to be due to the standard of opposition United faced in their early games and not necessarily a sign of things to come.

Mourinho quickly returned to his pragmatic self for the games against Liverpool and Benfica, both away from home. He can’t really be blamed for this as, in a results based business, his reputation and pride are at stake, not to mention the team’s possible success.

Because of that start, added to the fact that they remain second in the league, United would have to be the team worth watching after City, with the caveat that only the home games will probably live up to the billing.

Tottenham Hotspur

They run United pretty close to second place in our mini-table. In fact, only their “home” form and lack of goals, particularly in August when Harry Kane has a month off, keeps them from pipping United for second.

Mauricio Pochettino has them generally playing exciting, attacking football but, with Spurs, the feeling is always that they are a couple of players short of being the finished article and this prevents them moving to the next level where they would begin to put some silverware in the trophy cabinet.

So this is the final attraction order of the other five after City:

  1. Manchester City
  2. Manchester United
  3. Tottenham Hotspur
  4. Chelsea
  5. Liverpool
  6. Arsenal

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