Manchester United And Tottenham Have THE Tough Game Of The Weekend But The Rest Of The “Big Six” Won’t Find It Easy Either

Posted: October 26, 2017 in Arsenal, Chelsea, European Football, Football, Liverpool, Manchester City, Manchester United, Opinion, Premier League, Tottenham Hotspur
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The stand-out game of this weekend’s Premier League fixtures is undoubtedly the one at Old Trafford between Manchester United and Tottenham Hotspur.

Mauricio Pochettino will be hoping that his team can bounce back, a little like West Ham did in the second half of their mid-week game, by taking something positive from Manchester.

He will also want to prove that Tottenham are not the “Harry Kane” team, as Pep Guardiola described them. Although meant as a compliment to Kane, it was wrongly  taken as a slight against the team as a whole yet Spurs did little to prove that they can win without Kane, by losing without Kane, at home, to West Ham.

Although starting the game well and racing into a 2-0 lead, they became complacent and lethargic and lost 2-3.

José Mourinho will be looking to take advantage of any further slip-up in the game at Old Trafford, while Pochettino will want to prove that his team is capable of challenging for the title by taking points from a direct rival.

As we keep reiterating, we are no longer in the prediction game, so all we are prepared to say on the matter is that we expect United to be three points better off by the end of Saturday.

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Manchester City travel to West Brom having, hopefully, recovered from the shock of having to play a home game in a cup competition. In fact, so shocked were they that it took them 120 minutes of play followed by a penalty shoot-out to get past Wolverhampton Wanderers.

Fortunately for Pep Guardiola, his tactics were spot on and it was only the fact that the game was played using a rubbish ball that stopped City winning in regulation time and by a lot of goals.

The ball in question is not in use in the Premier League so life, as City know it, can return to normal with a comfortable win over Tony Pulis’s team.

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Liverpool host Huddersfield at Anfield and will just have to hope that the Terriers aren’t able to raise their game as they did when beating Manchester United.

In truth that particular match also saw United lower their game to a level which made bonsai trees look like giant redwoods.

This meeting of the two German pals has draw written all over it, so it will be a draw.

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Chelsea travel to Bournemouth where Eddie Howe is plotting their downfall.

Having reached the quarter finals of what, to Bournemouth, is a major competition there is a danger that relaxation will creep in. The feeling may be that the week’s objective has been achieved and nothing else matters.

Howe has to prevent this feeling from spreading throughout his team and we don’t think he will be able to do so.

Antonio Conte, who also reached the quarter finals of what, to Chelsea, is a pain in the proverbial, will expect his team to win this game and collect the three points. He will get his wish.

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Stubborn old man faces a home game against Swansea City who are struggling to find any kind of form at the moment. They are neither consistently bad nor consistently good but they are consistently below the level needed to stay in the Premier League.

Paul Clement needs to start finding the solution before it is too late and may even surprise a few people by finding it in this game.

Although we won’t go as far as to say Swansea will win the game, we think there is a very good chance that they will leave with a point

The reason for this is that Arsenal are also struggling. Not quite as much as Swansea but they are scraping through games they should be winning easily and stubborn old man, as has been the case for a few years now, doesn’t appear to know what to do about it.

So that’s the weekend’s action in a nutshell. Check your Sunday and Monday headlines and you will be amazed at how accurate our non-predicting can be.

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