Bits & Pieces: Including – Mourinho’s Moans, Pep’s Prediction, Harry’s Hat-Trick And Klopp’s Clown

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José Mourinho’s latest gripe is the amount of games United have to play over the festive period and how close together they are.

He will actually only be involved in the same number of games as everyone else in the Premier League but, hey, this is José so it wouldn’t be normal if he wasn’t affected more than the others.

Having played in the late game on Saturday evening when United threw away two points having allowed Leicester to equalise in the 95th minute, the poor souls were only afforded a break from football matches of two and a half days before they had to go into battle again. This time against Burnley at Old Trafford.


Once more they were less than convincing and only managed to scrape a point courtesy of two second-half goals from Jesse Lingard which cancelled out Burnley’s brace from the first-half.

So, irrespective of the number of days in between games, United had now thrown away four points from two eminently winnable games.

Hardly the form of potential champions!

Pep Guardiola has no such objections and is quite happy that his squad is big enough to cope with this period.

He predicts that there will be no problems relating to the number of games and expects to come through this period unscathed.

He cites his players hunger to play and fitness as key to any success Manchester City may enjoy this season.

His team do get a day longer than United to recover from their previous game but does this really make a difference?

As we have pointed out on many occasions in the past, it is only ever the managers who complain about the number of games, never the players.


There also may be something in the fact that the manager who is currently top of the Premier League and favourite to win virtually everything this season can find little to complain about whilst the manager(s) trailing him find almost everything worthy of a whinge or two.

Anyway, City travel to Newcastle United on Wednesday and may face a more difficult game than they anticipate. Rafa likes to think he can get one over the top managers and will be confident that he has a plan capable of stopping City in their tracks, momentarily at least.

Unfortunately, both for him and the Toon Army, he probably hasn’t.

Tottenham continued their good form at Wembley with another demolition job. This time it was the turn of Southampton to have to pick the ball out of the net far more often than they would have liked.

Humble Harry Kane scored yet another hat-trick and has now surpassed Alan Shearer’s record having now scored 39 goals this calendar year. Shearer’s best was 36.

He is similar to Romelu Lukaku in the respect that he manages to score plenty of goals against the lesser teams but struggles in the games against the top teams. Of course, it can and will be argued that the top teams have better defences and so scoring against them will always be more difficult but it has never appeared to be a problem for the absolute best and Messi and Ronaldo also don’t appear to have any “bogey teams”.

Spurs’ 5-2 win took them up to fourth position in the table, for a short while anyway.

Jürgen Klopp has been working with his defence. This is good news for the Anfield faithful as it means, hopefully, that the team will not be throwing away leads as often as they have been doing in the past. Their latest was a 2-0 advantage at The Emirates, a game which they ended up having to rescue with a late equaliser having capitulated during a mad five minutes which their lead turn into a 3-2 deficit!


A caveat for Klopp in his defensive training is that at least one of Arsenal’s goals could be directly attributable to a mistake from Simon Mignolet, so no amount of reorganisation or changes of tactics will alter the fact that his goalkeeper is a clown.

Fortunately, a defence is not of major importance when your next game is against Swansea and it was just a question of how many they could score.

A comfortable 5-0 win was proof of our aforementioned theory in a game where Swansea never looked like scoring!

So, up until now, United are the only team from the top six to drop points after Chelsea also won, beating Brighton 2-0, but Stubborn Old Man is yet to play so there could be more points dropped.

The race for second place and consequently, the top four, is hotting up

  1. RedMe says:

    Why is Lukaku always in the same defensive position when they score against us? Sure the manager must have spoted that one. He goes way too close to the goal and all they have to do is bounce the ball off him. Rashford should not start games at the moment.


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