What Your Big Six Team’s Manager And Fans Wanted For Christmas (But Didn’t Get)

Posted: December 26, 2017 in Arsenal, Chelsea, European Football, Football, Liverpool, Manchester City, Manchester United, Opinion, Premier League, Tottenham Hotspur
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As another year draws to it’s conclusion in just a week’s time, we look at what the big six managers would have liked for Christmas and try to figure out whether or not they will get their heart’s desire in the near future, (or the January transfer window as it is now known in football circles).

So, in no particular order other than their initial letter and it’s place in the alphabet, here’s our list:


Starting with the fans and a certain piece of paper commonly known as a contract is preventing them from getting what they want and will, unfortunately, continue to do so for the next eighteen months or so.

Stubborn Old Man is going nowhere fast, either in terms of leaving his role as manager or progressing with the team. Supporters would like him to leave now, please. Pretty please!

Wenger himself would like some of his words to the press and fans to be the truth but it is likely he can no longer separate fact from fiction. He would like Sánchez and Özil to stay but they won’t and he would like to sign Thomas Lemar, but he won’t.


Chelsea supporters want their team to be more consistent and to catch Manchester City. Unfortunately for them, neither of these two desired eventualities are in any danger of occurring at any time in the near future.

As for Antonio Conte, it is more about what he doesn’t want rather than what he does! He doesn’t really want Champion’s League involvement as, unlike last year, it is playing havoc with his Premier League challenge.

Take heart Antonio! By the end of the season you will be glad of the excuse provided for you by Europe’s top competition, as it will be your reason for not winning the title. That and lack of investment in the squad.


Over at Anfield is another bunch who would like to see some consistency and not watch as their team throws away decent leads during games. They would like to see a defence which can defend and a goalkeeper who doesn’t perform like an outfield player when asked to go in goal after a sending-off.

Jürgen Klopp would probably concur with the fans and will shortly be in a position to do something about it.

The only player linked with Liverpool recently though is one they don’t need. Thomas Lemar is an attacking midfielder so, unless he can defend and/or is a decent goalkeeper, we don’t see much point in spending the money he will cost.

679Manchester City

What do the team who have everything want? Well, the fans are not known for their greed so they would be happy to win the title and, because that is already a virtually done deal, they’ll take the Champion’s League as well.

Pep, on the other hand, wants Alexis Sánchez, Jonny Evans and some other players who haven’t yet come to mind but, give him some time, and he will think of them.

In January, the unneeded production of the chequebook will result in the unnecessary signings of a couple of players who will swell the squad but add little else.

680Manchester United

Supporters would like to see a more concerted effort to catch City, even if achieving it is a forlorn hope. They would also like to see some greater consistency and the team winning games they should be winning, not drawing or losing them.

New signings are always expected at Old Trafford, whether needed or not, so Antoine Griezmann may arrive but we think the defence is in more urgent need of strengthening than the midfield or forward line.

José Mourinho may agree but, if given the chance to sign Griezmann, he will probably take it.

He will want at least two additions to his squad in the January window.

SpursTottenham Hotspur

Spurs fans would like their team to blow hot more often than cold and, yet again, it is a question of consistency. Losing 4-1 away at Manchester City was followed by a 3-0 win away at Burnley. Supporters are scratching their heads and wondering why they can’t produce a performance every time they step on the pitch.

In fairness Mauricio Pochettino, along with four other managers in the top six, must be wondering the same about his team.

He is not a manager who openly covets players from another team so it is difficult to know exactly what he wants but, our guess would be that it would include getting some consistently good games out of the players he already has in the “Harry Kane team“.

Here’s hoping the most important people in the game get what they want because, without them, the fans, there is nothing.

Merry Christmas to everybody!


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