Mourinho Or Guardiola, Who Should Sánchez Choose? Plus – Should The Manager’s Press Conferences Be Scrapped?

Posted: January 13, 2018 in Arsenal, Chelsea, Football, Liverpool, Manchester City, Manchester United, Opinion, Premier League, Tottenham Hotspur, Transfers
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It would appear that Alexis Sánchez will have a choice of two clubs to join when he finally gets his wish to leave Arsenal.

He would actually have a choice of several clubs if he were prepared to move away from England but, to give him credit, he wants to stay in the Premier League rather than take the easy money on offer in a warmer climate with less competition and fewer games.

So a return to Spain has been ruled out and he managed to politely price himself out of a move to Bayern Münich by demanding wages he knew would never be offered. PSG would also probably be an option but, as we said, he has decided that the Premier League is where he wants to be.

So where does he go? The simple answer is; to Manchester. City or United? That is the more difficult question.

Sánchez likes successful managers and he appreciates that José Mourinho certainly falls into that category but, then again, so does Pep Guardiola and he has the added advantage whereby the two already know each other very well.

Many people assumed that, because he supposedly verbally agreed to go to City at the end of his contract then they are the favourites to sign him. That may be the case but, at the time, there was no interest from another English club apart from, very briefly, Chelsea and they soon realised that Sánchez was not interested in joining them.

Now the waters have been muddied by United. In expressing a genuine interest and, according to the press, offering the player more money than City, they have now given Sánchez a decision to make.

Some at City are trying to turn this into a “trophies or money” choice for Sánchez but, to be fair, had he joined United last season he would have collected two winners medals as opposed to none had he joined City.

This season, at The Etihad, he would collect a Premier League winners medal for sure and maybe two or three more. But don’t rule out United. It is not beyond the realms of possibility that they could win a couple of major trophies so he wouldn’t necessarily end the season empty handed by going there.

As far as the money goes, yes, it is always nice when somebody offers more money for your services than somebody else but, to be fair, if it was about money he would already be in Paris.

From a purely football point of view he may be better at Old Trafford for the simple reason that he would probably get more games. He would still be a squad player, the same as everyone else, and he would still be rested and rotated at some stage but probably not as often as would be the case at City.

Only time will tell.

Dump the press conferences


In other earth-shattering news Pep Guardiola has suggested that the manager’s press conferences should be scrapped. Oh no! What is he thinking about?

Fortunately, for those addicted, soap-opera-like, to the gatherings of lazy reporters who, without having to actually do anything, just turn up, record the event on their phones and then repeat it in writing for their editor to approve as the next big headline, Pep is unlikely to get his wish.

He is right, of course, and this circus serves no real purpose. It puts the managers on show to answer questions which are rarely concerned with the upcoming games and does it’s level best to catch them in a lie, which it often does, particularly with Stubborn Old Man at The Emirates.

The whole raison d’être of the press conference and why it is held the day before a game is so that the manager is on hand to answer questions about the available players, the fitness of others and the opposition’s strength and weaknesses. It is not to answer questions on potential signings, relationships with the chairman or anything else not related to the next match.

So, in this regard, we agree totally with Guardiola. The press conferences have become a free-for-all and no longer bear any resemblance to what was their original intention.

Of course, scrapping them would leave yet another hole for TV companies like Sky who show clips from the different press conferences throughout the day so, for them, they are a godsend.

They would have to find something else on which to report, a task we don’t anticipate would be too difficult for a channel which would send a reporter to watch a football being inflated if they had nothing else!

But fear not all you press addicts. Viewing figures show that the media circus will continue to get it’s way for the foreseeable future and the “poor” managers will have to continue fending off more and more banal and idiotic questions than ever.

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