Race To The Top: Will Manchester City Or Liverpool Raise The Trophy This Year?

Posted: May 10, 2019 in Arsenal, Chelsea, Football, Liverpool, Manchester City, Manchester United, Opinion, Premier League, Tottenham Hotspur
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With each club’s season quickly winding down to its last game and only a point separating the top two, the race between Manchester City and Liverpool for Premier League supremacy is one of the most exciting in recent years. In fact, the gap is so wide that 3rd place Chelsea are 23pts behind Liverpool. While the competition at the top of the Premier League table is a two-horse race, at the moment it looks very likely that City will win the Premier League and Liverpool will finish second. But will they?

On one hand, it is Manchester City who managed to come away with a win during their last meeting. City also have the advantage of a +3 goal difference, should the two manage to finish the season with the same number of points. There’s also the fact that the City are the defending champions, with many of the squad having the experience of lifting a major trophy before.

At this point in the season, as long as City win their game, it doesn’t matter what Liverpool do in their game. Yet, it may not be as simple as that.


City have recently been plagued with injuries, most notably in the form of star midfielder Kevin De Bruyne, with the Belgian limping off in a crucial match against Tottenham a few weeks back. This factored with Fernandinho’s absence due to a knee injury has led to some of the senior members of the squad, like Sergio Agüero, really stepping up during the business end of the season. Ladbrokes reports how Agüero is one of the most clinical strikers in the Premier League and has been instrumental in City’s campaign this season. Yet, even with such a talent squad, the pressure of having to do without two of their biggest stars at such a crucial time may prove too much for Agüero and the rest of the squad when the final day of the season comes around.


Without doubt, this season has been a hard fought battle between two of Europe’s best sides, let alone the two best sides in the Premier League right now.

Although the margins are very small between the two, some feel that if City do win the league, it will be down to the depth of their squad. Football journalist John Verrall writes how pundit Paul Merson believes the Reds are a little short, comparing their bench to City’s, which he believes has better options like Gabriel Jesus and Leroy Sané. Merson was even quoted as saying, “No disrespect but you look on the bench at Liverpool and he [Klopp] will look and think have I got anyone who can come on and change the game here?” This is obviously not entirely true, as the recent game with Barcelona at Anfield showed with Divock Origi proving he can step up when called upon.


Of course, both Guardiola and Klopp have good reasons to be optimistic about winning the league this season. Yet, as things stand, it seems that Vincent Kompany’s 70th-minute strike against Leicester could’ve been the crucial point that swung the title race in City’s favour. Although Liverpool could pin their hopes on Brighton pulling off an upset against the Citizens, odds are that the Reds will just have to wait another year for another shot at the title. Or even be content with challenging Spurs for the Champions League trophy in Madrid at the end of the season.

  1. Bernard says:

    Whichever team wins the league it’s been a delight to watch both of them this season. They are setting new standards for English football. Even as a United fan I would much prefer to watch City and Liverpool at the moment. United are depressing to watch in their current form. Let’s hope the summer sees some serious changes to the squad, although I have my doubts.


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