So how’s it going with everybody? We decided to take a short break due to the fact that no football being played makes writing stories about the game quite difficult.

Those directly involved, particularly at the highest level, you know the ones, those who can not only source and afford toilet rolls but can, due to their enormous wealth, treat them as footballs and do keepie-ups with them, are supposed to be on strict training regimes at home. They keep in touch, thanks to technology, with the coaches and the manager who will no doubt be telling them to stay fit as the season may resume at any moment.

That is unlikely to happen in the short term so the clubs can continue to pay fortunes to their playing staff to fool around on all the social media disgraces in an attempt to showcase their complete lack of imagination skills with a lot of tissue paper wrapped round a cardboard cylinder.

This, of course, is just business as usual for the likes of Jesse Lingard of Manchester United who spends more time tweeting on Twitter, facing on Facebook and gramming on Instagram than he spends on the football pitch which, to a lot of United fans, is just how they like it.

It would seem as though his departure, along with that of Andreas Pereira, is now imminent in as much as the summer transfer window is imminent.

This assumes that the summer transfer window won’t be cancelled which would indeed be a tragedy. OK, we can deal with the more trivial events being postponed such as the European Championships and the Olympic Games but don’t mess with our transfer window, that is sacred and is the only silver lining in the cloud that is the close season!

Deportivo Alaves v Club Atletico de Madrid  - La Liga

Would he be a good signing for United?

Yet again Manchester United are being linked with around 576 players but the one we would like to see pitch up at Old Trafford is Thomas Lemar of Atlético Madrid. Assuming Lingard and Pereira are sold there will be a vacancy in the wide midfield area and Lemar, who doesn’t really fit the style of Diego Simeone, could be perfect for the role.

Other than him maybe another centre back as Phil Jones will probably also be invited to do one and then one of Jadon Sancho, Jack Grealish or James Madison, it really doesn’t matter which of the three.

With Odion Ighalo expected to be signed on a permanent basis there should be ample competition up front with him, Martial, Rashford and Greenwood. There would certainly be no need to buy the likes of Harry Kane particularly for the kind of money he would cost with no guarantee of staying fit.

So everything in the Old Trafford garden could very well be rosy by the time next season kicks off always assuming it can kick-off next season and this season isn’t still continuing in which case next season, whilst still being next season, would start the season after! Confused? You will be!

Anyway, that’s enough for the time being and we will leave you with this thought: while everybody is self isolating the carbon footprint is getting smaller, the seas are getting cleaner and Venice actually has clear canals. Is this nature’s way of taking back control?

Stay safe and “don’t wait to isolate”, corny but true.


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