Ole’s Management “Team” Is A Problem And Cavani Should Speak Out Against Cultural Racism!

Posted: January 1, 2021 in Arsenal, Chelsea, Football, Liverpool, Managers, Manchester City, Manchester United, Opinion, Premier League, Tottenham Hotspur
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Ole’s at the wheel, although the ‘L’ plates are still firmly attached and if any of the backroom staff are his instructor then it is unlikely he will pass the test.

An average ex-player who became a below average manager, Mike Phelan would have to be regarded as the senior figure on the team although quite what he brings to the table given his lack of expertise in anything of relevance is beyond this meagre publication.

He is aided and abetted in his aiding and abetting of the manager by Michael Carrick. Another ex-player but, in his case, a very good one. That’s really where the good news ends. With absolutely no experience of coaching at any level, he was given a job coaching at United, despite the fact that Nicky Butt was already at the club and already had a few years coaching experience.

Then there is Kieran McKenna. Who’s he? I hear you ask. Exactly! Who IS he? Well it ‘s fairly logical that he’s a coach at United because he fits in very well with the others given his total lack of experience! He never played football professionally yet somehow managed to get himself a job managing the Tottenham under-18 team. This, remarkably, got him promoted to managing the Manchester United under-18 team which, in turn, led to him being appointed a first team coach!

So there you have it! A manager whose only success has been with Molde in Norway, an assistant who hasn’t had any success as a manager, a coach in his first job since retiring and a 34 year-old kid who never played football.

This could explain some of the manager’s inconsistencies, particularly when people question his decision making as far as team selection, tactics and substitutions go. He hasn’t got anybody to help him! No wonder the team is inconsistent! When they win nobody really knows why and, unfortunately, it’s the same when they lose! Whilst it may seem a sizeable backroom staff, if you were to remove the ones with little or no experience of winning, then Ole would be on his own and he would only remain because Woodward doesn’t want to sack him!

Will Manchester United win the title this season? Probably not. Will they give Liverpool or City a run for their money? Quite possibly. One thing is for sure though, they will finish in the top four providing Ole doesn’t crash the car!

The problem is that they won’t know how or why!

Edinson Cavani, victim of a naïve and culturally racist FA…..

So Edinson Cavani has been given a three game ban for using a term of endearment to a friend. Doesn’t this make him the victim of cultural racism? After all, the chances of an FA panel speaking anything other than English are very remote so there’s no way they can put themselves in the player’s position to gain any sort of understanding.

Basically they have said, “how dare you come over here and communicate with somebody in your own language?”

It never rains but it pours, (and sometimes snows)! Welcome to Manchester and English stupidity!

Cavani himself has behaved far too well over the whole thing. Firstly, he apologised, when there was absolutely no need to do so. Secondly, he accepted his manager’s stupid and uneducated comment about how he would have to learn from his mistake when he should have, very loudly, pointed out that he didn’t make a mistake. Thirdly, he decided not to appeal the ban despite saying, and knowing, that his words were misconstrued.

Whilst we understand that he is new to England and doesn’t want to rock an already sensitive and leaky boat, nothing much will be achieved by just tamely accepting this nonsensical punishment.

This is just another example of the old British Raj mentality of “we know best, even if we’re wrong and the fact that we neither speak the language nor have any clue what we’re doing is irrelevant”.

So, basically, a kangaroo court has judged Cavani to have made a racist comment which, by their inability to understand the nuances of any language other than English, makes them racist themselves!

Here’s what the Uruguayan player’s union had to say.

  1. RedMe says:

    Bravo!!!!! For Cavani.
    We are lucky to have good players in the team. Sad that Ole does what the board wants him to do because if he had the guts necessary he wouldn’t come up with some line-ups he does.
    And yes I mean Pogba. He doesn’t like us and we don’t like him so bye he is a troublemaker and SAF knew that and that’s why he sold him.

    Liked by 1 person

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