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So that’s the end of the international injury windows for this season. The next friendlies on the horizon are in June after the proper football has finished.

England signed off with a draw, at home, against Italy who couldn’t even qualify for this year’s World Cup. Quite why this gives the so-called experts such optimism for the tournament itself is a little baffling.

Our playground logic suggests to us that, if they can’t beat a team which DIDN’T qualify for the finals in Russia, at home, then what chance do they have of beating any of the ones who DID qualify and beat them on foreign soil to boot! (more…)


Today’s tell-all intends to discover if Manchester’s finest are planning trips to Madrid outside of regular competition time!


The days of Manchester United scoring four goals every time they step onto a football pitch already seem to be long departed and the reason, despite United fans blaming everything from the weather to José Mourinho to Marouane Fellaini being crocked, is because Paul Pogba went and injured himself.

It is no coincidence, (actually, it is), that United stopped scoring multiple goals regularly as soon as Pogba was out of the team. He is not only the strength and power of the midfield but also the creative player who can make a telling pass. He was also contributing to the scoring charts so, all in all, he is a bigger miss than most people thought would be the case. (more…)