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Watching “The Sunday Supplement” on, believe it or not, Sunday, we here at WSA were dismayed, if not surprised, to hear that all of the journalists on the programme were going to vote for Antonio Conte as their “manager of the season“.

Now we have never thought that football journalists were ever recognised authorities on the machinations of the modern football club or it’s manager, but to vote for Conte shows a staggering lack of knowledge and totally flies in the face of the true definition of the award. Let’s look at the contenders as they were when the season started. This, in itself, got everything off on the wrong foot as the wrong managers were being scrutinised. (more…)


In a normal job anybody, especially somebody in a senior position, who fell below the required standard would be sacked. Their contract would not necessarily be paid off, as it is with football managers, because falling below the required level would be seen as a breach of that contract and, therefore, a sackable offence. (more…)


Has it ever occurred to anybody how much freedom the press actually have?

Obviously all the press have this freedom but I am thinking particularly of the absolute rubbish, supposition, guesses and downright lies put forward by the football writers in order to bring attention to their particular publication, either for clicks online or to sell their newspaper, without any governing body to moderate their behaviour.

Quite often, the headline used will bear no resemblance to the content of the story.

At the time of writing this a deal for Manchester United to sign Pedro has been “imminent” for nearly two weeks. There have been “done deals” for Otamendi, Gaitan, Ramos and Cillesen. The plain fact of the matter is, again at the time of writing, none of these players have been signed. (more…)