Manchester United v Sheffield United - FA Cup Third Round

(Louis remembers that he has left the oven on at home, completely forgetting that he is the manager of Manchester United, as usual!)

Louis van Gaal may very well be a nice man. In fact, as the advert used to say, he may be a very nice man, even a very, very nice man. Manchester United fans don’t really care whether he is the first, second or third of these descriptions. They only care about whether or not he is the right man for the job at Old Trafford.

There are a growing number who are thinking that anybody who ISN’T Louis van Gaal is the right man for the job.

One of the problems is the perceived arrogance of the man. He is being paid a fortune to manage Manchester United. He came with a decent CV, having won titles in Holland, Spain and Germany. He is, supposedly, the right man for the job, yet he is proving to be anything but.

He is non-apologetic for abject performances whether the team wins or loses. He waves to the United fans after a 1-0 victory, secured in the 93rd minute by a penalty, against a team two divisions below them, at Old Trafford, as though he is some kind of conquering hero!

Louis van Gaal has now been the manager of Manchester United since the start of the 2014/15 season. He has had plenty of time to evaluate the squad. He has certainly had plenty of money to buy new players, some would say more than was required, particularly when you see little or no improvement from the team prior to having £258 million, or thereabouts, spent on it.

David Moyes’ one and only season at United was considered a failure and he was fired from a seven year contract, (in fairness, a typically stupid contract given by a clueless CEO who does not understand football and thinks that money is the answer to everything). Yet Moyes managed to take the team to the quarter-finals of the Champions League, where they were beaten by Bayern Munich, and he finished seventh in the Premier League, only two places below where van Gaal has United now!

The difference between the two is very little. Moyes spent about £65 million in his time at Old Trafford, van Gaal almost four times that amount. In the Champion’s League Moyes did not have Juan Mata available to him as he was cup-tied when he played in the competition with Chelsea. This means that Moyes only spent £28 million on Marouane Fellaini as far as this tournament was concerned. Yet he performed a lot better than van Gaal and the respective groups were very, very similar.

Moyes was disliked as United manager because he didn’t always come across as a very positive manager. Making Liverpool favourites to win a game at Old Trafford did not endear him to the fans and “aspiring” to be as good as City also did him no favours.

Van Gaal is the stellar opposite. Full of himself and his record at the top clubs he wasn’t going to be happy with anything less than winning the Premier League and doing well, if not winning, the Champion’s League. He had a three year project and he would bring success to United.

Well Louis, we are exactly half way through your theoretical reign! Where is the success? Where is the attractive, attacking football? In fact, where is anything we were led to expect from Manchester United under van Gaal?

Out of the Champion’s League after the group stage and fifth in the Premier league is no better than David Moyes achieved and he was fired as a failure.

It is beginning to look increasingly unlikely that van Gaal will see out the full three years of his contract. He may or may not be given money to spend in this transfer window. If he is he needs to buy a striker. Why myself and millions of United fans are aware of this, yet he isn’t, is another fact which baffles the majority of us.

The bottom line is that, if van Gaal doesn’t go now, he needs to go in Summer. There is no way United can have another year of under-achievement. As each year goes by, the reputation of Manchester United suffers another blow. It will get to the stage whereby top player will not want to go to Old Trafford.

Woodward has to swallow his stupid pride and dismiss van Gaal as soon as he has a replacement lined up.

  1. RedMe says:

    Louis van Gaal needs to go to Specsavers, because he obviously doesn’t see how boring our team is, doesn’t see Rooney poor performances , doesn’t go down on the touchline (fear of fallling off the steps or probably walking on the pitch and be sent off). When Giggs tells him that we didn’t score in the first half, he then make some changes and think because we had a penalty in the 93rd minute they had played well in the second half. He doesn’t even have the honesty to recognize that his “philosophy” is failing at Manchester United, he is so arrogant that the fans on their way out give him the thumbs down and he thinks they are waving and he waves back.


  2. law says:

    Dear (?) LVG The only thing left undone at Old Traford is for you to leave. you don’t seem to have anymore clues to Man U’s consistence depressive performance . ManU fans the world over are to say the least very disappointed
    £260?m is not the solution but your style. @law man u fan Nigeria


  3. gaharis says:

    In the early days of his time at Man Utd I gave LVG some slack because I wondered how much of the dumb stuff he said was “lost in translation”, but no longer. His comments after the FA Cup tie were daft, but daft comments are not reason to fire someone.

    One reason to fire someone is usually failure to reach targets and who knows for sure what those targets are for LVG, but he has said this year it was to win a trophy and to compete for the Premier League. So we have to wait until the end of the season and possibly another year out of Europe to judge him?

    Another reason to fire someone is often some form of malpractice. Man Utd this season are guilty of that surely??

    I have a horrible feeling the only way Man Utd will be in the Champions League next year is to win the Europa League, because I can see 5 clubs who will finish higher in the Premier League. It will be no consolation that another season out of Europe is with Chelsea also being absent.

    I also think Woodward should be removed from responsibility for footballing matters and left to do the commercial stuff.


  4. Leo Gomez says:

    van gaal needs to be sacked, word is that he is looking for a striker next transfer season. Meanwhile in germany Chicharito is in top form. How many millions more iwll you spend and waste forwards?


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