The Truth Behind The Headlines About Jose Mourinho To Manchester United

Posted: February 22, 2016 in Chelsea, Football, Jose Mourinho, Managers, Manchester United, Opinion, Premier League
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It’s a done deal! There is a gentleman’s agreement! Jose Mourinho agrees to become Manchester United’s next manager! Mourinho will take over this season! Mourinho will take over next season! Van Gaal has three games to save his job! Mourinho will take over in February! Van Gaal has two games to save his job! If van Gaal loses the next game he will be fired!

These are just some of the headlines I have been reading in the last few days. It is hardly any wonder that the great British football fan is dazed and confused as far as the goings-on at Old Trafford are concerned.

In actual fact, as far as I am aware, nothing has been agreed, certainly nothing has been signed and Mourinho won’t be taking over in the next couple of days.

What is disappointing in this whole sordid affair is that van Gaal is still in place. Ed Woodward either doesn’t have the guts to sack him, in which case HE is in the wrong job, which he most definitely is, or he thinks that he will lose face by sacking him, which is the more likely answer.

Well Ed, I have some news for you, you cannot lose any more face than you already have. The wasted money in two transfer windows has proven to everybody that you haven’t a clue what you are doing. As far as football matters go, you shouldn’t be within a mile of them, so do the decent thing, sack van Gaal, then return to the marketing department.

Jose Mourinho is proving to be a man of principles if he is indeed interested in the United job. He has not linked himself in any way and has been quick to offer explanations as to why, for example, he had been spending time in Milan. He has been open and honest throughout the whole thing.

He may very well be the next Manchester United manager, it may already be a done deal. If it is then the club and Mourinho are staying very quiet about it, maybe out of some misguided respect for van Gaal, who certainly doesn’t deserve any.

Que sera, sera! There will certainly be a new man in charge of Manchester United by the start of next season and the identity of that man is not absolutely certain just yet.

Many people still hope that Ryan Giggs gets the job but it is too early for him yet and he needs to gain experience elsewhere first. It’s fine quoting Pep Guardiola as an example of a player taking over at his club but he took over an established, winning team and he had Lionel Messi! It would be somewhat different for Giggs.

The best man for the job, certainly for the next two or three years, is Jose Mourinho who is virtually guaranteed to win things. If he then wants to move on United can look again at Ryan Giggs and, maybe, Mauricio Pochettino who may have won trophies with Tottenham by then.

Whatever happens it would be nice if the press could stop producing clickbait headlines which have absolutely no foundation whatsoever.

  1. gaharis says:

    I just cannot understand what problem they see in Jose. Look at his record. So what he upsets some people. Of course Sir Alex never upset anybody did he? And everything was fine with Moyes and is fine with Van Gaal? Neither upset anyone right?

    Either its Mourinho for sure in the summer and if so announce it now because LVG couldn’t be any more dead man walking than he is, and at least we see that there is indeed a plan. Or sack him anyway and try Giggs if they really think he is the one(I don’t).

    Just do something.


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