Arséne’s Bungling Could Be Pep’s Good Fortune, While Mourinho & Conte Get Back To Business And Is Klopp Eyeing A Reunion?

Posted: January 11, 2018 in Arsenal, Chelsea, Football, Liverpool, Manchester City, Manchester United, Opinion, Premier League, Tottenham Hotspur, Transfers
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So Alexis Sánchez may move to Manchester City. Then again, he may not. It all really depends on what mood Pep Guardiola is in at the time.

There was a short period when it seemed that City no longer had any interest in the Chilean but then Gabriel Jesus went and got himself injured and this, it appears, has reignited that interest. City would expect to get him for around £20 million.

If this money is offered to Stubborn Old Man then he would be well advised to take it as the alternative is to let the player go for free in summer. To City it doesn’t make a lot of difference. They either pay the money now, and to Arsenal, or they wait and pay the money in summer but to Sánchez as a signing-on fee.

Judging by the way Arsenal have misconducted themselves over this potential transfer, they will probably wait and let him go for free.


Bear in mind that, in the last window, they could have had £55 million for him. This was then to be spent buying Thomas Lemar from Monaco. The only stumbling block to these deals was that Lemar didn’t want to go to Arsenal, and who can blame him? A club in crisis with a manager in confusion, no Champion’s League for the foreseeable future and little chance of big trophies. So he stayed put.

Now, unfortunately, thanks to Arsenal’s mis-management of the whole sordid affair, even if Lemar has had an unlikely change of heart, his club now want £90 million for him and Arsenal would only get £20 million for Sánchez meaning that instead of being the direct trade-off it would have been last summer, the deal would now cost Arsenal £70 million.

And they say that Wenger is a good businessman!

Meanwhile, just down the road


Four miles away at Old Trafford Manchester United, currently sunning themselves in Dubai as a reward for being unable to beat Bristol City in the Carabao Cup, have reportedly agreed terms with Lucas Moura of PSG.

They have yet to agree a fee with his club but that is expected to be a formality so he should become a United player soon, unless Ed Woodward can come up with a way of messing this one up as he did with the proposed transfer of Ivan Perišić.

Moura is a player United wanted to sign seven years ago when he was only eighteen but the player preferred a move to Paris at that time.

However, he has struggled to make any real impact and now can’t get into the team so a move away would make sense, particularly if he wishes to be involved in the World Cup.

It is understood that United want him on loan initially with a view to making the move permanent in the future but PSG want a deal now. They say they want to comply with FFP regulations, (really?), which means they would need to balance their books having recently bought Neymar for €200 million and with a commitment to pay another €166 million to Monaco for Kylian Mbappé.

We reckon that, at around £35 million, he could be a very decent buy in today’s market, particularly if José Mourinho can get the best out of him.

A lot further down the road


Chelsea are considering loan offers for Michy Batshuayi despite Antonio Conte insisting that no first team squad players would be leaving and that he is “very happy” with the Belgian.

It is a surprise to us that he even bothers making these kind of statements, particularly after admitting that he has nothing to do with the actual transfer of any player, in or out. As part of his remit as “manager” of Chelsea, he is allowed to recommend players to be purchased and suggest which players should be sold/loaned out.

The board, however, reserve the right to completely ignore him, should they so wish, an attitude which goes some way to explaining why José Mourinho didn’t last long in his two stays in London!

Anyway, Batshuayi is, as reported by the Daily Mail, wanted by Sevilla and Chelsea are OK with this providing they can get another striker in as cover before they consent to the deal.

Back up the road


And finally. Liverpool are being linked with former player Suso as a direct replacement for Philippe Coutinho. Suso left Anfield for AC Milan after making only 21 appearances but has rebuilt his career and is seen as a viable alternative to the now-Barcelona player.

It is also reported that Jürgen Klopp is interested in hi-jacking Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang’s move to Guanghzou Evergrande or Beijing Guoan. He may have to be quick though as Real Madrid are also considering him to replace one of our favourite overrated flops, Karim Benzema.

That’s it, there is no more, so hasta mañana!

  1. Steven says:

    Leaving aside the fact that the phrase ‘misconducted themselves’ is not good English, in what way has Wenger behaved stupidly? Sanchez apparently doesn’t want to sign a new contract. We can get £20 or £30 million for him, but what can we do with that kind of money in today’s market? With Sanchez in the team till the end of the season, on the other hand, we might win the Europa Cup or make the top four. As regards Lemar , you say he didn’t want to come to Arsenal in the summer. So how did Wenger ‘mismanage’ the situation? How come people who have never managed a football team, at top level and maybe not at any level think they know better than Wenger who has been doing the job for thirty years?


    • Editor says:

      Thanks for the comments Steven. First things first and here’s the dictionary definition of “misconducted”

      past tense: misconducted; past participle: misconducted

      behave in an improper manner. “The committee reprimanded two members who were found to have misconducted themselves”


      mismanage (an activity). “There is no evidence that the premises were being misconducted”

      Secondly, in my opinion, Wenger messed up by deciding to sell Sánchez to Manchester City on the final day of the last transfer window. He could have had £60 million for the player and, if he had given himself more time, maybe he could have talked Lemar into moving to the club.

      For what Sánchez has contributed so far this season, he may as well sell him now. As you say, it isn’t much, but it’s better than nothing and the team is certainly capable of winning the Europa League without him. They have got this far undefeated and he has only appeared in one game.

      Liked by 1 person

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