Jose Mourinho’s First Press Conference Tells Us Nothing We Didn’t Already Know, (But It Was Still Entertaining)

Posted: July 5, 2016 in Football, Jose Mourinho, Managers, Manchester United, Opinion, Premier League
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As expected by everybody, except Sky Sports News and the Great British press, Jose Mourinho’s first press conference failed to enlighten us on anything of which we were unaware.

Starting with a totally banal question by some clown from Sky Sports News about him being the “Special One”, then something else and what was he now, as if anyone was interested. The subsequent questions were predictable, not only to anyone with half a brain but even to Mourinho who probably could have listed them beforehand whether or not he had been primed.

New signings was a quickly covered topic. There would be a minimum of four. Three have already been made, (these include Mhkitaryan, who isn’t official yet but about whom everybody has known for at least a week). So one more will be made long before the end of August according to the boss, suggesting that Jose is not yet au fait with how Ed Woodward operates, leaving plenty of time for any other additions to be made as and when appropriate.

It was then suggested that Mourinho had a pop at Arsene Wenger with his statement that “some managers haven’t won a title for ten years”, although he didn’t name him so the press, as usual, added their home-made sauce to the recipe.

He had a pop, apparently, at van Gaal by saying he wasn’t interested in philosophies although, again, he didn’t name him and I have heard many, many managers using that terminology relatively recently.

Pep Guardiola also came in for scrutiny for a few seconds, but mainly while Mourinho explained the differences between challenging for the title in Italy, Spain and England. He reasoned that it would be pointless to concentrate on City at the expense of the rest and used the word “enemy”, not in a nasty fashion, but because he couldn’t think of another one.

He was asked about his relationship with Sir Alex Ferguson and pointed out that he would be able to resume his wine drinking tête-à-têtes next week when Lord Ferg returns from holiday. These meetings would also be a source of advice if needed.

As expected, the departure of Ryan Giggs was brought up and the answer was, again, as expected. It was nothing to do with Mourinho, he was offered the job that Giggs wanted. Giggs also wants to be a manager and has left to pursue that career elsewhere.

Martin Samuel, from whichever rag is currently providing his peanuts, then asked about Wayne Rooney. I was hoping that Jose was going to say that he was on the transfer list but no, this was not the case. He pointed out that Rooney is not a defensive midfielder and would never play that deep in his team. He was somewhere between a number eight and a number nine.

Generally, Mourinho pointed out that he didn’t just want the team to improve, as this would mean they would have an excuse for finishing fourth next term, he wants them to WIN.

He has promoted forty nine youngsters to the senior squads of the various clubs at which he has been manager. This was not because of injury as Mourinho, generally, had the lowest number of injured players in Europe, but because of ability.

Winning in style is important but, as far as he is concerned, winning in style can mean scoring more goals than the opposition or conceding less. He did stress, however that he understood the legacy of Manchester United.

The press conference ended and Mourinho, looking pleased that it was over, jumped from his chair and appeared to vanish into thin air, such was his enthusiasm to be somewhere else, preferably where he could influence the football side of things.

Sky Sports News will now be able to replace their current earth-shattering “Breaking News” that Pepe is training alone, with different quotes from Jose Mourinho throughout the day. Yes I am sure they can drag it out that long!


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