Guardiola Is Being Economical With The Truth, Mourinho And Conte Are Irritating Everybody, Not Just Each Other And Liverpool Still Need A Goalkeeper!

Posted: January 8, 2018 in Arsenal, Chelsea, Football, Liverpool, Managers, Manchester City, Manchester United, Opinion, Premier League, Tottenham Hotspur
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Pep Guardiola

Hands up those who believe that a quadruple is impossible for this Manchester City team!

Facing the all-conquering Bristol City in the semi-final of the Carabao Cup, Basel in the next round of the Champion’s League and with a fifteen points lead in the Premier League, only the FA Cup is an unknown quantity as far as opponents go, but there is nobody to fear in that competition.

What’s impossible about that? Guardiola’s Barcelona team once won six trophies in a season so how can the quadruple for City be “impossible”. As they say, as long as they are in it, they can win it!

If they achieve it, of course, then it was never impossible. This is another one of those words which is vastly, and incorrectly, used to describe something which is merely difficult. Obviously, if something is achievable it is impossible for it to be impossible.

The thought here at WSA towers is that they will probably fall short on one or two of the cups with the likelihood that one bad game in either the Champion’s League or the FA Cup could see an end to their quadruple quest. They will still, however, win at least two trophies and possibly three.

Mourinho & Conte


The self-professed new, mature, grown-up José Mourinho set about proving how mature and grown-up he has become by calling other managers names and accusing them of clownish behaviour on the touchline.

As the watching world tried to work out who his generalisation could be referring to and the likes of Pep Guardiola and Jürgen Klopp wondered if it might be them, Antonio Conte decided it was him!

In truth, Mourinho was just trying to compare his now-passive touchline demeanour with certain other managers and he mentioned nobody by name.

It could, however, have been directed at Conte just as easily as the others and Mourinho does have history with the Chelsea manager as he does with other Italian coaches from his time managing Inter Milan. Whilst there he fell out with Carlo Ancelotti, Claudio Ranieri, Luciano Spalletti and Marcelo Lippi.

Anyway, Conte has now taken Mourinho’s sweeping statement as a personal attack, despite not being mentioned by name, accusing the Portuguese of suffering from senile dementia, a comment which was quickly corrected by reports that his intention had been to say amnesia.

Mourinho countered by predicting that “he will never be banned for match-fixing” to which Conte replied that Mourinho was a “little man”. Obviously the quality of insults had begun to deteriorate as calling a little man “a little man” is hardly worthy of the “James Stannage award for original insults”.

So the two will meet on the 25th of February at Old Trafford where, after the match and in an adult fashion, they will have a fight behind the bike sheds to see who is right, so there!



Liverpool have now bought a player they have wanted at Anfield for quite a while and sold a player they have wanted to stay at Anfield for quite a while, proving that the real power lies with the club which has the money, (and the attraction for the player in question).

Southampton never really wanted to sell Virgil van Dijk but he wanted to go to Liverpool. Liverpool never really wanted to sell Philippe Coutinho but he wanted to go to Barcelona. Liverpool is a bigger club than Southampton so, after a futile attempt at bullying failed, they played the waiting game, apologised, then paid about £25-30 million more than had they been able to sign him when they wanted to.

Barcelona is a bigger club than Liverpool so, after a futile attempt at bullying failed, they also played the waiting game, apologised, then paid about £40-50 million more than had they been able to sign him when they wanted to.

The moral of the story here is for Liverpool and their transfer brokers. Tapping up a player and unsettling him at his club will result in some negative reaction from that club.

Southampton threatened to report Liverpool for an illegal approach to van Dijk and only a grovelling apology, (followed by the promise of £75 million), managed to prevent that report from going anywhere.

Liverpool then had the audacity to accuse Barcelona of doing exactly the same over Coutinho. They may have been correct but. as is always the case, two wrongs don’t make a right and Liverpool displayed remarkable naiveté and no small measure of double standards when making their accusations.

Anyway, all is now settled and everybody seems to be happy with the outcome. It won’t be long, however, before Liverpool fans realise that they still have a rubbish goalkeeper AND lots of money in the bank. They don’t need both and will be hoping that Jürgen Klopp is going to spend some of the Coutinho money on a world-class stopper.

It is, after all, the position which is the weakest link in the team and has been for quite a while. Unless the situation is addressed, it will prevent Liverpool from finishing in the top four, never mind winning anything!

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