The Media Is Entirely To Blame For The Mourinho/Conte Argument And Wenger Is Proving Us Right! (Thanks Arséne)

Posted: January 9, 2018 in Arsenal, Chelsea, Football, Liverpool, Managers, Manchester City, Manchester United, Opinion, Premier League, Tottenham Hotspur
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The row between José Mourinho and Antonio Conte has now escalated to the point where pistols at dawn could replace the current handbags at teatime.

How has it reached this? How has a simple comment from Mourinho been blown up out of all proportion whereby all past histrionics and bad behaviour are now being quoted on both sides of the argument?

The answer is simple; the media is to blame 100%

Why is the media to blame? Because they are the ones who report, to use a Trumpism, “fake news”.

Mourinho actually said that he “didn’t need to behave like a clown on the touchline to show his emotions”. That was a thinly veiled dig at Pep Guardiola, Jürgen Klopp, Antonio Conte, Diego Simeone and any other manager on whose head the cap fits. Here’s the Guardian’s take on it.

It was a journalist who then asked Conte for his reaction to the comments. Conte, as usual, didn’t completely understand and assumed that Mourinho’s remarks must have been directed at him. Rather than correct his mistake the media pursued the line of questioning which assumed that the remarks were indeed made about the Italian. That, after all, makes for a much better story and is guaranteed to drag on for a while.

This is a situation brought about entirely by the press, who will now just sit back rubbing their hands whilst waiting for one or the other to give them some more headlines, it sure beats working for a living.

In England, absolutely no allowance is made by the media for the fact that some of these foreign managers do not speak English very well.

From the insular press to football presenters on TV, questions are asked of the managers using slang words, local words or even just talking very quickly so that the coach in question has no real idea what he is being asked.


We have watched many times as Pep Guardiola has been asked a question which, rather than admit he didn’t understand, he has answered as honestly as possible only for the long-suffering viewers to note that he is answering a different question. He is answering the question he thought he was asked, not the one he was actually asked.

The media should realise this and make allowances for people who come over to England, do their best to learn the language and give interviews in a foreign tongue!

Just as a matter of interest how long has Gareth Bale lived in Spain? And how many interviews has he given in Spanish? How long was David Moyes at Real Sociedad? All he ever did was eat egg and chips in his hotel and learned how to count to four in Spanish. A couple of fine examples.

Yet when an Italian, Spanish, French or Portuguese manager comes to England the press and TV expect them to speak perfect English.

José Mourinho is right, he doesn’t have to behave like a clown because not only does he have other managers doing it for him, he also has the whole of the football reporting industry proving daily why it is known as the media “circus“!

Arséne Wenger


Stubborn Old Man must have read one of our articles from before the start of this season. He seems to be doing his level best to prove us right something which is, generally, alien to this publication.

We said that we thought it was a mistake for Arsenal to bow to his wish for a new two year contract. We were right.

We also said that he wouldn’t regain a top four place. At the moment we are right and it’s looking like a fair bet for the end of the season as well.

We said he wouldn’t win the FA Cup. We were right.

We said he wouldn’t win the Carabao Cup. We will probably be right on that one but, in truth, it is the only one where there is an element of doubt.

As for the Europa League, well he doesn’t want to win that because he doesn’t agree with promotion to the Champion’s League, so we expect him to ensure that Arsenal are knocked out of that competition shortly after it resumes.

Having lost to Nottingham Forest in the FA Cup and with the club sitting two places below the top four Arséne is now blaming the referees for his woes. When will he learn? Just admit to being past your use-by date and retire.

If Wenger can swallow his pride and take a job upstairs at The Emirates then next season could be a landmark one in the history of the club. With a new manager building for the future the fans may even see some progress which will inspire hope.

At the moment the light at the end of the tunnel is not only switched off it is, a little like the manager, completely disconnected.

And finally

Good luck to Philippe Coutinho with his move to Barcelona. As has been pointed out, he is likely to become the first player since 1990 to play for Liverpool AND win a league title in the same season


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