Bits & Pieces: Conte, Wenger, Manchester’s City And United And Everton’s New Manager (Probably)

Posted: May 24, 2018 in Arsenal, Chelsea, Everton, Liverpool, Managers, Manchester City, Manchester United, Opinion, Premier League, Tottenham Hotspur
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The Antonio Conte saga goes on. No decision has yet been announced by either the man himself or Chelsea as to what his immediate future holds. The fact that everybody else already knows doesn’t appear to have occurred to either of the two parties. Or maybe it has and that is why they can’t be bothered announcing anything.

Anyway Conte, when he does leave/get fired in the very near future, won’t be rushing into a new job. He has decided to take a sabbatical at Chelsea’s expense.

This is because, contrary to popular belief, he won’t be swapping jobs with Maurizio Sarri, who may end up at Stamford Bridge but will be replaced by Carlo Ancelotti. No, Conte is more likely to take over Ancelotti’s bar stool for a period so he can see how the land lies.

Another whose future is a trifle uncertain is Stubborn Old Man. Having left Arsenal the word is that he hasn’t actually left Arsenal. Not yet, anyway. Maybe he is hanging on for a job offer from his old club or maybe he just wants to help Unai Emery acclimatise to his new surroundings. Imagine that first conversation;

This is the manager’s office, Unai, and this is the big chair in which I used to sit making all those important decisions. It was from this very chair I decided to buy Danny Welbeck from Manchester United. From here I sold Samir Nasri and Robin van Persie and let Alexis Sánchez follow them to Manchester. Maybe you should think about getting rid of this chair”.

Wenger is unlikely to be short of job offers and is in the nice position, even if he doesn’t appreciate it, of being able to pick and choose what he does in life.

A few miles north…..


Pep sharpens up on his golf skills whilst clearly worrying about all the new managers coming to challenge him in the Premier League!

Up in Manchester all has gone very quiet. The City manager doesn’t need to buy anybody really. He will do though because his hero, Sir Alex Ferguson, always used to buy players when his team had just become champions. It kept everybody fresh and brought in new hunger and, if it’s good enough for Lord Ferg, then it’s good enough for Pep!

So he will only be spending around £70 million on Riyad Mahrez and another £60million on Jorginho. Unless Eden Hazard becomes available or Lionel Messi. Or how about Kylian M’Bappe? Watch this space.

His United counterpart is more interested in getting rid of players who can’t/won’t play the game his way and that would appear to be about half of the first team squad!

Anthony Martial will be sold and Marcus Rashford could go out on loan whilst others who could be in for a, somewhat surprising, change of club could include Paul Pogba and Eric Bailly.

Players who need to be sold simply because they just aren’t good enough include Chris Smalling, Phil Jones, Matteo Darmian and Marouane Fellaini, although the latter, despite having no regard or respect for the club is being encouraged to sign a new contract by the “Special One” who also seems, on occasions, to be lacking in the aforementioned regard and respect.

Don’t expect things to remain quiet for very long in Manchester!

And finally…..

Arsenal and West Ham both have shiny new managers. Not to be outdone for too long, Everton are expected to announce the appointment of Marco Silva in the next week or so, once he finally severs the ties that bind him to Watford.

What will the Portuguese bring to Everton? Well, he brought a modicum of success to Hull City initially before resigning the day after they were relegated. He then joined Watford where he again brought success initially before being fired because he wanted to be Everton’s manager and found it impossible to hide that fact.


Marco Silva – Obviously told by Everton to remain available when he left Watford. They just then had to dispose of Big Sam, a mere formality these days!

The Toffees are looking to tie him down to a long-term contract which will include taking them to their new stadium in around four years from now.

At present Everton do not represent any kind of threat to the current top/big six. The problem for them if they ever do become a contender is that one of the bigger clubs just has to let slip that they would like Silva as their manager and he will lose all focus and start sulking. Everton would then begin falling down the table quicker than the pound in a crisis.

So good luck to them with that one!



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