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When I first started to attend games at Old Trafford my father and I used to set off from our home in Ashley Lane, Moston, Manchester 9 at around 11:00 am on Saturday morning. In those days ALL games were played on a Saturday and nobody had yet had the audacity to suggest playing on a Sunday. That was the day reserved almost exclusively for the pub teams!

We would walk up the hill and wait for either the number 112 or 113 bus outside Langhorns, which was an ironmongers, amongst other things. Eventually the bus would arrive and we would be off on a 45 minutes journey, barring breakdowns, to the match. (more…)


(Goofy Gareth and Barmy Bobby enjoy a very short conversation about the success of their two national teams)

Now that the Premier League season is nearly over and Manchester City are about to be crowned champions thoughts can begin to turn to the World Cup which begins in June.

The usual boring group games will be supplemented by some pretty good looking group games where two teams who are actually decent will be playing each other.

Of course, what usually happens in these matches is that the two teams in question have either already qualified or are massive favourites to do so and they play out a boring draw because they don’t need anything else! (more…)


Following on from our article of yesterday in which we suggested that a draw between Manchester United and Liverpool would be the favoured result for Arsenal, Chelsea and Tottenham Hotspur Hotspur, as they would all be able to gain two points on both teams, providing they win, of course.

There is another train of thought which suggests that the actual result of 2-1 to United gives the three a better chance of fighting for the top four as they can now gain THREE points on Liverpool. Providing they win, of course.

After a tactical battle at Old Trafford in which Liverpool had, by far, the majority of possession it was, as we mentioned, Manchester United who came out on top. (more…)


Over the last few years watches have become a large part of Manchester United’s sponsorship business. Hublot was followed by Bulova as United associated themselves with the finest quality timepieces.

Now, it’s time for them to run the rule over another one.

This one doesn’t profess to be the most glamorous watch in the world. It doesn’t claim that persons of the opposite sex will immediately fall in love with you once they spot that you are wearing it. It doesn’t even look that attractive. In fact it is big and black and fairly ugly, a little like Mike Tyson chewing a piece of Evander Holyfield’s ear.

This is the “Fergie watch”. A brand new wrist clock that will always show the time you want. (more…)

Instead of jetting around the world promoting his books and lecturing on what it’s like to be a cross between Alexander the Great and Winston Churchill, I think Sir Alex Ferguson should consider a steady job. There are some available, but this is my question;

Should he audition for the role of James Bond?

Is he too old? Not really, he’s a bit past the norm but David Niven was 57 when he played Bond in “Casino Royale” and Sean Connery was 53 when he made his comeback in “Never Say Never Again”.

When Ian Fleming changed James Bond’s parentage to reflect the fact that he was now being played by a Scotsman thanks to Sean Connery’s performance in Dr No, he inadvertently did Fergie a favour. (more…)