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What continually drives people like José Mourinho to succeed? It isn’t money. Alright, in the early days of their career it IS money but, after the initial successes have eliminated the need to ever work again, what becomes the motivating factor?

It is a question asked of many of the world’s richest people and, in a lot of cases, it is STILL money. The quest to be the richest in the world, the additional power that even more money brings with it. These are forces which have been known to propel the wealthy to even greater things.

Generally not, however, where top football managers are concerned. (more…)



It is highly unlikely that this one game will decide who wins the Premier League. It is also highly unlikely that the fate of either manager will be decided by the result of this one game. So why all the hype? Well, one reason is because Sky Sports have found out when and where the game is to be played.

Despite the two clubs trying to keep the timing and whereabouts of the match a closely guarded secret shared only between a few million fans and the two teams, it was discovered that a mole had leaked the information to Sky. The mole has since been bodily removed from Manchester and sentenced to support Arsenal for the rest of his miserable life. (more…)


The battle for control of Manchester between the two clubs also looks set to be the battle for the Premier League title. At present, the only other team who may be a threat to that dominance is Chelsea, one of those teams from down South.

With newly appointed Antonio Conte in charge and having won three out of three, they are the only club going toe to toe with United and City in the early stages. (more…)



The first Manchester derby since last season will be played in China. There will probably be some Mancunians in attendance but how many is anybody’s guess. The fact that the match is totally meaningless makes it a lot easier to bear for fans of the clubs who are from Manchester and can’t quite come to terms with their local club playing a derby in China!

As usual, it is all about money. The clubs may spout on as much as they wish about how they are rewarding their Asian fans with a visit and how pleased they are to be there but, given the choice, I am pretty sure that both managers would rather have stayed a lot closer to home.

Neither club would be anywhere near the area if they weren’t trying to attract an even bigger fanbase than they already have. Ed Woodward, as far as United are concerned, has signed a few sponsorship deals in the general area, (it’s the only thing at which he is any good!), so the trip will also keep these companies reasonably happy. (more…)


Oliver Charles T Holt has a theory. It isn’t a theory I agree with, but it is a theory.

For those of you who don’t know him, Oliver Holt is a football writer for the Mail on Sunday. He is the son of Eileen Darbyshire who, for fans of Coronation Street, needs no introduction. He is also a Stockport County supporter, which is fair enough, as he is from Stockport.

Now to his theory. I have heard it a couple of times on The Sunday Supplement, Sky Sports’ programme for ageing writers to pretend they know something about football and, what is even worse, to display their lack of knowledge to two, or even three, hundred viewers.

Hosted by Neil Ashton, another writer from the Mail, the “show” is an interesting concept but, unlike it’s counterpart in cricket which is hosted by an ex-professional cricket player and attended by journalists who also played the game professionally, this one is strictly for amateurs, and it shows. (more…)


I recently commented on an article in the Daily Mirror about Camille Sold, the partner of Morgan Schneiderlin, actually going out to work for a living when her other half trousers the best part of £100,000 per week.

I stirred up a bit of a hornet’s nest by suggesting that the Adidas store, where she is employed, would themselves have been better employed had they given the job to somebody who actually needed the money.

Back in March 2015, I pointed out, the Northwest’s unemployed numbered 219,000. When quoting figures such as this, I am aware that there are a great number of people included who don’t want to work, but surely ONE of them would have appreciated the money a lot more. (more…)