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Not long to wait now, it’s almost here. The new Premier League season kicks off on August 10th when Manchester United play Leicester City in the first Friday night football of the new term.

It was tried out last year and deemed, by Sky of course, to be a success. Never one to take into consideration the difficulties caused to the travelling fans by rescheduling games so that supporters now have to either leave work early or take time off to get to the ground, the broadcaster has proven yet again that the only interest it has in football whatsoever is purely financial. (more…)


It means, quite simply, that for the first time this season, Manchester United and Chelsea have failed to win a game whilst Manchester City march on unbeaten and undrawn, (is that a word?). This in turn, in the grand scheme of things, means absolutely nothing!

No doubt the press will be rattling on about how Manchester City are the best team in the league and how they will win it at a canter. Also about how José Mourinho needs to sort out the Manchester United problems and how Antonio Conte will have to tighten up the Chelsea defence. (more…)


In an attempt to get viewers in the mood for what was to come, Sky Sports decided to dedicate not one, but three whole days to events leading up to the closing of the transfer window.

Beginning on Monday, the 29th of August, all Sky Sports programs were entitled Transfer Centre for two days and then became Deadline Day on the Wednesday. This was quite strange when they waffled on about Tennis or Formula One but, because it was Sky, nobody really questioned it. Changing the perfectly normal to the totally idiotic is something Sky have become experts at over the years. Strangely, they still think that people are too stupid to notice, a despicable attitude which has always prevailed at Sky HQ. (more…)


If you were to believe the hype on Sky Sports, this was going to be the game of the century, as usual. The fact that a win for either team would not take them above Leicester City and would only really create a larger gap between the two was not something that was made much of.

Sky has become a mixture of Opta and Football Manager. Every clip is followed by in-depth statistics about how many games are lost when certain players are missing, how many shots there are per game, how many goals per minute. All fascinating stuff if you are Arsene Wenger or Manuel Pellegrini. I suspect the fans only really care about the next game, who is playing, who wins and who scores.

Tonight’s game was variously described as a “title decider”, “title eliminator” and a “winner-takes-all match. All the usual hyperbole that goes along with Sky trying to make sure that the maximum number of viewers tune in to watch it. They would be better served reducing their prices now that people have to pay BT Sport to watch the Champion’s League. They may find more people prepared to subscribe by being magnanimous in their pricing rather than munificent in their match descriptions! (more…)


‘I always say the same – if the footballing world doesn’t think of the fans, it’s going to lose the passion and the love. So I was impressed but I was very happy because the fans come first here.
They travel around the world, they spend the money, they spend the time so I think we have to be very, very thankful.’

A nice quote from a rich Premier League football player. Is he English? No. Is he even British? No. Of course not, there aren’t any British footballers left in the UK according to all the harbingers of doom.

This is a quote from Manchester United’s Ander Herrera, who can’t yet consider himself a first team regular, although he should be able to.

Having only spent a relatively short time in England he has quickly grasped what makes football what it is. (more…)