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(Harry Kane stifles a yawn brought on by the intense tiredness suffered having spent the equivalent of 78 hours, (3.25 days), playing competitive football this season)

Any regular reader of ours will be well aware of our opinions of managers who claim that their players are tired.

You know the ones, they have to play two games in a week and, when they lose one, it’s nearly always down to tiredness. Most of the top Premier League managers will use it as an excuse at least two or three times per season.

They will go whining on about a winter break as though that will suddenly turn their players into world beaters. (more…)



Now that we know that all five English teams have qualified for the knockout stage of the Champion’s League, it got us to thinking how much of an achievement this is.

It also got us to thinking if it would be possible, from all five teams, to come up with a team made up just of English players.

It was a struggle, which somewhat dilutes the achievement of qualification, especially when considering that roughly half of the players in these teams who successfully negotiated the group stage of what used to be called the “EUROPEAN” Cup aren’t even European, never mind English! (more…)


Following on from articles we wrote back in October in which we compared the strikers, then the goalkeepers and then the midfield pairings at the Premier League’s top six, we now take a look at the central defenders.

These partnerships are crucial to their team having a successful, (or otherwise), season and large amounts of money are now being spent on a position which was, in the past, second only to goalkeeper in unpopularity when children were organising a game of football. (more…)


Jesse Lingard back in the United team at the expense of Ashley Young. Talk about bitter sweet. On the one hand, Young being dropped is good news but, on the other, Lingard playing is not good news.

Having finally managed to make the Manchester United management see the error of their ways when continually selecting Wayne Rooney, it is now time for them to see who is Manchester United quality and who isn’t. Neither Young nor Lingard would get into a fully fit Manchester United team and it would not be too disappointing if they were both sold in January. (more…)