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José Mourinho’s current Manchester United team is good, of that there is little doubt. Points-wise, they are the second best team in the Premier League having risen from being the sixth best last season. A definite improvement!

They are also in the final of the FA Cup this year as opposed to the Carabao Cup last year. Although viewed as a higher status trophy, reaching this final is probably only marginally tougher than the old League Cup but still a slight, but definite, improvement again! (more…)


Paul Pogba could be about to join the list of “star” players who have joined Manchester United and left a relatively short while later.

His name could be added to those of Angel Di Maria, Juan Verón, Zlatan Ibrahimović, Henrikh Mkhitaryan and Henrik Larsson to name but a few. Their spells at the club were short for different reasons but, nevertheless, they were still short.

Pogba, unlike some of Mourinho’s other sales, was a star when he arrived at Old Trafford for his “second coming”. The likes of Kevin De Bruyne, Mohamed Salah and Romelu Lukaku had not yet reached that status when sold by Mourinho during his time as Chelsea manager. (more…)


Back in 2013 when “Sir Alex of Govan” retired he placed his ceremonial sword in a hole in a convenient stone. Fed up with the lack of competition in the Premier League and annoyed by the quality of opposition in the Champion’s League, he decided to call it a day.

Now the sword was just waiting to be removed by his rightful heir.

First up was “Moyes the Clueless” another Scot, indeed another Glaswegian and also a favourite of Lord Ferg. But try as he might he could not budge the sword. Despite signing world-class talent such as the coveted Marouane Fellaini and actually reaching the quarter finals of the Champion’s League, he really didn’t have a clue how to manage Manchester United. (more…)


Guest Author: Michael B. Howell

It’s been a while since the EPL season felt spoken for quite this early in the New Year. By early February people were already looking at when Manchester City could mathematically seal the deal, which is really rather absurd, (though delightful for plenty of City supporters, no doubt). One could be easily forgiven for calling it something of a bummer for what’s supposed to be one of the most competitive sporting leagues on the planet.

Man City’s presumed title, (the club would essentially have to fall off the face of the Earth to avoid winning outright at this point), makes you wonder what else there really is to watch for in the EPL. Sure, there’s always the relegation battle, but for fans in Manchester or those who zero-in on the top of the table, this isn’t actually that compelling. It’s more interesting to look at after the fact, in some cases. (more…)


Manchester City will end this season as Premier League champions. They have been far and away the stand-out team in the division since day one and will, deservedly, be confirmed as winners, possibly as soon as when they play Manchester United at The Etihad in April.

Is that rubbing salt into United wounds? Not really, City are bound to be crowned champions at some stage and does it really make a difference against which team they are playing when it happens? Absolutely not.

What must be more annoying, particularly for José Mourinho, is that one of the main reasons City have been so good this season is the form of one of his Chelsea cast-offs! (more…)


Manchester United won’t be buying any attacking players in the next transfer window. How do we know that? Because José Mourinho told us so, that’s how. Well, he didn’t exactly tell just us, he told anybody who was listening at the time so there can be no misunderstanding. Up front he is happy with his lot!

He has Romelu Lukaku who isn’t very good in the air, doesn’t hold up the play very well, as he frequently loses the ball, and only has one foot. He is quite good at doing goals, as long as he isn’t too far from the goal and the ball is close to his left foot. (more…)


Now that all the transfer hullabaloo is over and Premier League clubs have broken the spending record for a January window again, Sky Sports News can finally return to what only itself considers to be normality, (or normalcy for our American readers).

With slightly less news now being available avid viewers will get the chance to hear reporters repeatedly reporting reports which have already been reported repeatedly or repeatedly reported.

This means that massive headline news, such as “Yeovil Town tea lady trips over pair of boots carelessly left lying around after Tuesday’s training session!” will now be aired every ten minutes instead of every fifteen. That’s now 144 times per day rather than 96! You lucky people, you! (more…)


So José Mourinho has signed his new contract. He has put to bed all the rumours, mainly started by himself, of leaving for Paris or anywhere else for the next couple of years at least.

Unless, of course, he finds something to fall out about. If Ed Woodward fails to sign a player he wants, or sells a player he wants. If it rains too much. If certain other managers in the Premier League upset him. If a player or players at United don’t do as he says. If he gets fed up living in a 5* hotel costing more than £800 per night. If room service doesn’t deliver his breakfast quickly enough, etc., etc. (more…)


It’s finally “Welcome to Manchester, Alexis Sánchez!” who attended his first day of training early-ish on Tuesday morning.

He is now officially a Manchester United player and has already had a pop at some Arsenal “legends” whilst also telling everybody where he would he best used at Old Trafford.

So good times are ahead!

Having managed to bring in the finished article in Sánchez, it is to be hoped that he can hit the ground running with United and that José Mourinho will not get him bogged down with too many tactics involving running back and tracking the opposition. That is not his game and would seriously restrict his effectiveness. (more…)


Pep Guardiola is, possibly, going to achieve his short-term targets at Manchester City this season. If he can win the Premier League which, in actual fact, is now his to lose, and win the Champion’s League, then it will be job done.

Will he then still be motivated to try and repeat the feat whilst adding maybe the Super Cup and an FA Cup or two over the next couple of seasons? Maybe, maybe not.

At Barcelona, once he felt he had taken the team as far as he could he became bored. He wanted a fresh challenge and went to Bayern Münich where, compared with the previous manager who had won the treble, he actually failed. (more…)