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That’s it! The transfer window is now officially open! Better than Christmas Day for a five year old. Better than your thirteenth birthday when you said “hello” to your teen years and much better than your eighteenth birthday when everything that used to be fun because it was illegal is now extremely boring and mundane.

So begins two months of anticipation, interspersed with long periods of frustration and boredom when, even though the window has been flung wide open, nothing happens at your club. (more…)


It means, quite simply, that for the first time this season, Manchester United and Chelsea have failed to win a game whilst Manchester City march on unbeaten and undrawn, (is that a word?). This in turn, in the grand scheme of things, means absolutely nothing!

No doubt the press will be rattling on about how Manchester City are the best team in the league and how they will win it at a canter. Also about how José Mourinho needs to sort out the Manchester United problems and how Antonio Conte will have to tighten up the Chelsea defence. (more…)


(Sky Sports have now resorted to showing a plane arriving at Manchester airport with the monumental news that “Paul Pogba could be on it!”)

Isn’t it exciting? Never mind the ludicrous amount of money that it is costing Manchester United to buy a midfielder. Never mind that he was, until four years ago, a Manchester United player who was allowed to leave for Juventus for around £800K. Never mind even that he wanted to go to Real Madrid who, having set the two previous world record transfer fees when buying Cristiano Ronaldo and then Gareth Bale, decided they couldn’t afford him.

Mino Raiola, Pogba’s Mister 15%, on hearing the news that Real Madrid wouldn’t be buying his client, immediately set about convincing Pogba that United was always the place to go and he would never have entertained Madrid anyway. (more…)

General view of the Fly Emirates FA Cup on display before kick off

In my formative years from 1965 – 1978 I was brought up watching the FA cup ties in awe. I was in awe of how attractive the competition was and how much it meant to be the winners of the trophy.

My first real memories are of Everton beating Sheffield Wednesday having been 2-0 down. I remember the goals from Mike Trebilcock and Derek Temple that gave them the trophy with a 3-2 win.

In those days, Everton were my second favourite team after Manchester United. I remember the standout players such as Gordon West, Alex Young and Brian Labone. That team should have won more than they did.

The FA Cup final meant a whole day in front of the television. Flipping between channels, (we only had ITV and BBC), was a must because you didn’t want to miss anything. Both channels covered the teams leaving their respective hotels and climbing on board the coaches that would take them to Wembley.

There would then be special FA Cup final editions of the likes of Quizball, an excellent programme hosted by David Vine, where representatives of two football teams would take each other on at a general knowledge quiz. (more…)


You rarely see any soap and I have yet to see a fat lady singing but I have to admit that, although I list soap operas under my dislikes, I have actually watched them a few times. What puts me off is that the reality they try to depict is actually what makes them so unreal.

Using examples from Eastenders and Coronation Street, which are Britain’s two most popular and successful soaps let me try and explain what I mean.

If these two are the most popular soaps in the UK, how come nobody in either of the two soaps watches them? Characters in Eastenders could watch Coronation Street and vice versa. Seeing Denis and Rita snuggle up on the sofa watching Coronation Street would be too unreal or too surreal, one or the other, but watching each others soap would work. (more…)


Just to continue my polite little dig at the incorrect use of the English language and in particular the media who generally misuse it. The standard of English being screened to which our children are listening is, for want of a better word, diabolical.

The examples I will use are taken from watching Sky Sports and Sky News, but I am sure they are also commonplace on other channels.

Firstly, may I remind anyone old enough to remember and inform anyone not old enough to remember that at one time, to appear on TV, (admittedly there were only 2 channels at the time), one was required to wear a suit and tie and have an Old Etonian accent at least. This was never something I particularly agreed with as there are plenty of people for whom English is an art form, who didn’t attend Eton and who look terrible in a suit. (more…)